Designation Requirements

In order to receive your CHRL designation, you must be an HRPA registrant in good standing and fulfill the following requirements:


Coursework Requirement

The coursework requirement consists of successful completion of courses in nine subject areas with a grade of 65% or better, and an overall average of 70% or above, or qualifying via the Alternate Route. Learn more about the course by course approach and alternate routes for completing this requirement.


CHRL Knowledge Exam

A certification exam designed to assess the knowledge required to perform at the CHRL level (also satisfies the CHRP Knowledge Exam requirement). It consists of 250 multiple-choice questions. To learn more about the CHRL Knowledge Exam, consult our FAQ. To find the next exam date and to apply, click here.


CHRL Employment Law Exam

A multiple-choice exam consisting of 110 questions which will assess basic knowledge of employment and workplace law in Ontario (also satisfies the CHRP Employment Law Exam requirement). For more information on the CHRL Employment Law Exam, including the next exam date, click here.


Degree Requirement

To earn the right to use the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation, applicants must have a degree from a recognized educational institution. The degree does not need to be in human resources. To learn more about degree qualification, click here.


Professional Experience Requirement

CHRL applicants must have accumulated at least three years of demonstrated experience in HR at a professional level. For more detailed information on what is considered valid experience, click here.

Future Updates to the CHRL

As part of its long-term plans, HRPA intends to further enhance the CHRL designation by making the following updates:

  • Revise the existing coursework requirement
  • Replace the existing experience requirement with supervised experience
  • Add a Professional Program (similar to the Job Ready Program for the CHRP)

These updates are in the early stages of development and no implementation dates have been set. Once these updates are ready to be implemented, registrants in the process of obtaining the CHRL at that time will have the opportunity to complete the process without the updated requirements applying to them.

To maintain your CHRL designation, professionals must:

For detailed information on the CHRL Designation, download our guide here.

Course & Exam Fees

Learn more about course and examination fees for the CHRL designation and other regulatory services here.