To earn the right to use the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation, applicants must have accumulated at least three years of demonstrated experience in HR at a professional level, in addition to meeting all other designation requirements. 

Experience can be from anywhere in the world as long as it meets the definition and criteria for professional level HR experience. To qualify towards meeting the Experience Requirement, experience must:

  1. Be in the scope of practice for human resources, which includes any of the following areas:
    • The development and implementation of human resources policies and procedures;
    • Consultation in the area of human resources management;
    • Providing advice to clients, managers, and employees in matters pertaining to management of human resources;
    • The representation of clients and organizations in proceedings related to human resources management;
    • Program development and evaluation in the area of human resources management;
    • The supervision of other Human Resources professionals whether registered or non-registered;​
    • Coaching of employees, managers, and other individuals in matters relating to work and employment;
    • The conduct of research in the area of human resources management; and
    • Teaching in the area of human resources management.
  2. Be at an appropriate professional level, in which all four dimensions below must apply:
    • Independence of actions — relates to the amount of planning, self-direction, decision-making and autonomy involved in the work experience;
    • Depth of work requirements — relates to the extent to which work experience requires information analysis and interpretation of relevant information;
    • Level of interaction — relates to the degree to which the individual interacts with a broad spectrum of contacts, including decision-makers; and
    • Responsibility for work outcome — relates to the level of accountability for work and decisions.
  3. Add up to a minimum duration of three years’ experience over the past ten years, excluding any extended leaves (e.g. parental leaves), with at least three months of experience having been obtained in the last two years (recency requirement)

Applying for the Validation of Experience

To have your experience validated, you must complete and submit a Validation of Experience application. Validation of Experience applications are decided on the merits of the written application and supporting documentation. Accordingly, you must submit all requested information, explanations and materials supporting your application.

The cost for the Validation of Experience application consists of an initial fee of $100 (+HST). A $425 (+HST) remittance fee is due upon success of the application. The submission deadline is the last business day of each month (except for December), and results are released via email approximately eight to ten weeks after the submission deadline.

Applications can be submitted via email (preferred) or mail to:

HRPA – Office of the Registrar
150 Bloor Street West – Suite 200
Toronto, ON M5S 2X9

We strongly recommend that you review the Guide to the Validation of Experience and Guide for Assessors in its entirety before completing and submitting your application. Please note that HRPA staff cannot comment on whether an application will be successful – this is a determination that can only be made by the Experience Assessment Committee, which is responsible for reviewing all Validation of Experience applications. Panels of the Experience Assessment Committee meet monthly.

Timing and Sequence of the Validation of Experience

To apply for the Validation of Experience you must be a registrant in good standing with HRPA. You can submit your application at any time during your pursuit of the CHRL, but since the results of a successful Validation of Experience application are only valid for two years due to the recency requirement, we suggest that you submit your experience towards the end of the designation process. 


If your initial Validation of Experience application was unsuccessful, you may submit another application with more information or wait to re-apply until you have gained additional experience. The fee for submitting another application is $115 plus HST. If your application is successful upon your second submission, you would then be required to pay the remaining $425 plus HST.

Any experience that was previously submitted and approved is considered granted and cannot be reconsidered by the Experience Assessment Committee when you resubmit an application. As such, the Experience Assessment Committee will be advised of any experience that was previously granted, unless you specifically request that HRPA withhold that information.