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Ensure that only competent and ethical professionals are allowed into the profession


Ensure that, once in, members and students continue to maintain their competence and practice their profession in a way that minimizes the risk to the public


Deal with members and students who fail to live up to the standards of the profession


Manage relations with stakeholders in such a way as to develop and maintain public confidence in the regulation of the profession

The HRPA’s regulatory framework is made up of five functions. Each of the five functions, by themselves, or in combination, aim to mitigate the risk to the public posed by the practice of the profession.

1. Policy Development

Identifying risks to the public and working out the most effective regulatory response to manage or mitigate the risk.

2. Registration & Certification

Ensuring that all applicants meet the qualification standards established by the Board for the respective categories of registration.

3. Quality Assurance & Verification

Ensuring that registrants are abiding by the standards set by the HRPA.

4. Complaints, Discipline, Capacity & Review

Dealing with situations where the conduct or practice of a member or student may have fallen short of the standards of the profession.

5. Stakeholder Relations

Ensuring that all stakeholders understand HRPA’s mandate and have a high level of confidence in HRPA’s ability and willingness to serve the public interest.

To ensure confidence in the HR practice in Ontario, the HRPA has also established Rules of Professional Conduct that bind our members, students and firms, as well as Complaints, Disciplinary & Capacity processes. The complaints process and the discipline or capacity process are related but distinct processes that ensure serious concerns about the conduct of registrants are brought to the HRPA’s attention and are properly investigated and appropriately resolved.



Professional Complaints








Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Additional Information & Resources

HRPA’s Regulatory Affairs Newsletter

Distributed to all members and students registered with the HRPA, Regulatory Affairs is a quarterly publication that focuses on the legal, regulatory, governance and ethical aspects of the Human Resources profession.

Current issue

Archived Resources

Between 2016 and 2022, the Regulatory Affairs team published regulatory reports. Those reports contained both general regulatory information as well as information specific to the HRPA.