The HRPA’s Learning Group provides professional development and learning opportunities designed to help HR professionals at all levels develop the advanced skills needed to lead in today’s constantly evolving workplaces.

Learn how and when you want. Our learning programs are delivered in a variety of ways – in-classroom or online, live webcasts or on demand. We also bring together some of today’s top experts in single-day or multi-day events and conferences. Whatever your preference, each delivers high quality learning at competitive prices.

Continuing Professional Development

CHRP, CHRL and CHRE members are required to obtain 66.67 hours of professional development activities for every three-year CPD cycle. There are no minimum required hours each year (only the aggregate three-year requirement), but certified members are strongly encouraged to design their professional development plan that outlines a personal learning schedule for each year in their CPD cycle.

HRPA Learning and Professional Development programs offer certified members a variety of comprehensive, cost-effective learning options to continuously improve their capabilities while meeting the CPD requirement. Members may choose qualifying programs directly from the HRPA, or from an alternate provider.

To learn more about what programs qualify, and the CPD log, click here.

Our Learning and Professional Development Calendar of Events is the perfect tool to find a professional development opportunity that’s right for you. Our robust search function allows you to search by:

event type

Event Type
From certificate programs and conferences to webinars and workshops, you can easily find the type of event you prefer.

core competency

Core Competency
Develop your capability in core human resources knowledge, skills, and abilities that are within the scope of practice for HRPA-designated HR professionals.

enabling competency

Enabling Competency
Further enhance your proficiency by developing your knowledge and skills in the areas that support capable human resources practice within the scope of the HRPA competency framework.

custom pd
Custom PD

HRPA can customize programs to suit the unique needs of your team and arrange to have the training delivered synchronously either online, on-site at your workplace, or at an appropriate training facility. It’s your choice.
You will work with HRPA and industry experts to design a bespoke program that is enriched with specific, valuable insights and relatable examples that will resonate with your team, helping the training to stick.
With Custom PD you and your team will benefit from high quality, expertly designed and curated group training seminars, workshops, or Master Classes.

Get in touch with us at and learn more today.

become a speaker
Become a Speaker

Are you an expert in your field? Do you hold unique skills, experience or expertise that would benefit HR Professionals? Can you engage, inspire, or educate a room of HR Professionals through a compelling story or a lived experience? We want to hear from you!

HRPA registered speakers are a hallmark of our learning and professional development programming.

Learn more about how to become a speaker at HRPA events here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

HRPA Learning and Professional Development events offer a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities, suitable for all budgets. To learn more, click here.

Partnership Opportunities

If you would like to partner with the HRPA Learning team on programs that your organization offers currently or plans to develop, please reach out with your proposal to