Professional Liability Insurance for Independent Practitioners

If you are providing HR services as independent practitioner, whether on a full-time, part-time, infrequent or volunteer basis, you are required to carry professional liability insurance. Professional Liability insurance is intended to cover claims made against a professional person for the losses suffered by a third party because of the failure on the part of the professional to meet the expected standards of performance of the professional’s services. For more information, please review our Professional Liability Insurance Guide. The guide includes information such as how to acquire professional liability insurance and what is a sufficient quantity of insurance.

HRPA’s online public register indicates whether a registrant of HRPA is authorized for independent practice (i.e., they have provided HRPA with proof of professional liability insurance coverage). In order for us to authorize you for independent practice, the following must be submitted:

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Information Form for Initial Submission

Proof of your insurance coverage (e.g., a copy of your insurance certificate or a document sent directly to HRPA from your insurance provider).

This should be sent to

Annual Requirements

Once you have been authorized for independent practice, annually submit

Cancellation of Professional Liability Insurance

If you have cancelled your insurance policy and are no longer in independent practice, submit the professional liability cancellation form. Documentation should be emailed to