Try Out HRPA Membership for Four Months and Get Two Conferences for Free - plus tons of other benefits!

Joining HRPA as a member now brings you enhanced value for your membership! HRPA members now get access to free micro-conferences, plus myriad other benefits of membership. Sign up for an HRPA membership at our prorated rate until May 31st and get complimentary access to two micro-conferences, valued at $99 each. Scheduled for February 29 and April 11, these virtual events are FREE for members. If you join now, you will only pay 33% of the regular membership fee for four months of membership, which is essentially the non-member cost of two micro-conferences. Why not try HRPA membership today? 

Join HRPA today and seize the opportunity to attend two micro-conferences and a host of webinars absolutely free! Plus, you will also get a ton of other benefits, including joining HRPA, access to exclusive tools and resources, and joining more than 23,000 dedicated, regulated HR professionals across Ontario raise the bar for the profession.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

At HRPA, we believe that better HR makes business better. If you want to elevate your career in HR and stay ahead of industry trends, look no further than joining HRPA. As a member, you gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities and professional development events tailored to enhance your expertise in HR. Sign up now to become a member and embark on an unparalleled journey of professional growth and success with HRPA. 

The HRPA renewal date is May 31st and we would love to have you renew your membership after four months! Try being a member of HRPA member for four months, see how you like it, take advantage of all the free events that you can attend as a member and then decide if you’d like to extend your membership. We hope that once you join us and have a chance to experience all the perks of an HRPA membership, you’ll renew your membership for our next registration cycle.  

If you do choose to renew, you get access to a third micro-conference for free. Scheduled for September 24, this micro-conference is also worth $90. On top of that, HRPA members get discounted pricing for our prestigious HR Law Conference on May 29 and HR Summit on November 28*. With an HRPA membership, you not only save on registration fees but also gain invaluable insights from industry experts at these must-attend events.

*Please note that you must be a member of HRPA at the time of the event to avail of member pricing and discounts.

If you apply to join HRPA today, your membership fee will be prorated to cover the months until our renewal date on May 31. While you do have to apply in accordance with the governing Act, by-laws and Code of Ethics and the Rules of Professional Conduct, you will immediately have access to membership pricing, even while your application is in process. This means you can sign up for the February 29 and April 11 micro-conferences for free as a new member. The pro-rated cost of your membership from now until May 31, 2024, would be the same as the cost of attending these micro-conferences as a non-member. Additionally, you would have complimentary access to all other free-for-members events as well! 

You can join HRPA by completing this online application. Before you start the process, we would encourage you to check out this information about the application process. It would also be helpful to review our registration classes to determine whether Practitioner, Allied Professional or Student would be the right class for you. 

Once you complete the online application, pay your application dues and submit any supporting documentation as applicable, your application will then be reviewed by a staff member of the Office of the Registrar – that process usually takes between 5–10 business days. 

If your application is deemed complete, we will send you a confirmation email and add you to HRPA’s Public Register. Additionally, we would encourage you to contact your Chapter Experience Coordinator to find out more about your Chapter Community. 

As an HRPA member, you have exclusive access to a wide variety of benefits that are designed to support your professional growth and success: 

  • Professional Development: Access a plethora of professional development opportunities, including workshops, webinars and seminars, to stay updated on the latest HR practices and industry trends. 
  • Networking: Connect with fellow HR professionals, industry experts and thought leaders through our events, conferences and online platforms. Build meaningful relationships and expand your professional network. 
  • Tools and Resources: Gain access to exclusive resources, tools and templates to streamline your HR processes, enhance your productivity and solve complex HR challenges more effectively. 
  • Certification and Designations: Pursue professional certifications and designations, such as the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) or the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), to demonstrate your expertise and advance your career prospects. 
  • Advocacy and Representation: Benefit from HRPA’s advocacy efforts, which aim to advance the interests of HR professionals and promote excellence in the HR profession. Stay informed about legislative changes and industry developments that impact your role. 
  • Community Engagement: Participate in volunteer opportunities and community initiatives to contribute to the HR profession and make a positive impact on society. 
  • Discounts and Savings: Enjoy exclusive discounts on professional development programs, events, publications and services offered by HRPA and its partners. 

HRPA regulates the HR profession in the public interest. Becoming a member of HRPA means agreeing to be regulated, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism and ethics within the HR community. 

Registering with HRPA means you join a community of HR professionals who are committed to continuous learning, ethical HR practice and moving the profession forwards. While joining HRPA is voluntary, it signals your commitment to being part of a self-regulated profession that believes in protecting the public through HR excellence and creating better workplaces for everyone. 

HRPA members voluntarily choose to be regulated and commit to specific professional obligations, the highest professional standards, and HRPA’s Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct. It means they are committed to protecting the public through HR excellence and creating better workplaces for everyone. Being part of a self-regulated profession also means taking on certain professional obligations, such as abiding by the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 and the By-laws. It is your willingness to take on those obligations that elevate the HR profession to the same level as the other self-regulated professions, such as lawyers and accountants. 

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