At HRPA, we believe that better HR makes business better.

We are working hard to deliver impactful programs and services to help our valued members and students address pressing HR issues, unlock human potential and lead Ontario’s workplaces into the future.

Being part of a professional community that holds itself to high standards of performance and qualification is a source of pride.  We collaborate and create resources and tools knowing that our shared knowledge and experiences helps us all rise and increase our impact.  We create opportunities to give  back to students and the profession with exceptional volunteer and mentoring opportunities that change lives and elevate the image of the HR profession.

Our registration year runs from June 1st to May 31st annually, and renewal dues for 2021-2022  are due on May 31, 2021. Due to the hardships of the past year, HRPA has not increased dues for the upcoming year.

We hope you will renew – without delay - for another season packed with opportunities for personal development and networking.

Renew early to be entered into draws to win one of two weekly prizes! The earlier you renew, the more chances you have of winning, so don't wait! Learn more.

Renewing is easy. Just log in here and click "Renew". For assistance, please review the FAQs below, or email us at  with us. We'd be happy to help.

Renewing your registration is easy. Just follow the steps detailed below. For best results, we recommend using a Chrome browser.

1. Click here to access your Dashboard.

Profile Login Screen

  • Enter your username and your password to log in.
  • Your username is the same email address where you normally receive email correspondence from us.
  • If you need assistance in logging in, please click here for Sign-In help.


2. Click on the ‘Renew’ button to access the renewal application.

Renewal Button

3. Complete the registration form

Stages of Renewal Form

  • You will be presented with a series of questions.
  • When all sections are COMPLETE click NEXT.
  • You will be presented with an overview of your renewal dues before proceeding to the payment page. If any of the information on your renewal invoice is incorrect do not proceed, please contact the Office of the Registrar at for assistance.


4. Enter your credit card information and complete the payment information form.

Image of credit card form

  • Click “Submit Order” to complete your payment.
  • Please note that the HRPA no longer accepts payment by cheque. We apologize for any inconvenience.


5. Submit your CPD logs if required, by clicking “Continuing Professional Development


  • CHRP, CHRL and CHRE members are required to obtain 66.67 hours of professional development activities for every three-year CPD cycle. If you are due to submit your CPD hours this year, please submit it by May 31st.


Once your renewal has been completed, we will email you your Renewal Confirmation, including a copy of your renewal receipt for your records.


There are so many reasons to renew. Whether you are new to HR or a veteran of many years of practice, you may get something different out of the experience.


As a student starting your career in HR, you’ll continue benefiting from our excellent mentorship program that can help you learn from your peers. Our networking opportunities can help make industry connections to get that first job. Continue working towards a highly respected and sought-after CHRP designation that can demonstrate your excellence and establish yourself as a credible professional.

HR Practitioners:

For established HR Professionals, HRPA provides best practices and resources to stay at the leading edge.

Your membership provides access to hours of learning and professional development programming, much of it free for members. Our jam-packed calendar of events provides access to experts who can help you change Ontario workplaces for the better.

Consider giving back to the community through our rewarding mentorship and volunteer programs. You’ll also enjoy networking with friends and colleagues through our many events.

Designated Members:

You’ve worked hard to earn your designation, so don’ t let it go to waste. Maintain your designation, enhance your skills, and stay up to date on the latest HR trends by dedicating yourself to continuous improvement through our professional development programs.

Already have your CHRP? Then keep improving and work towards a CHRL or CHRE that can help you advance your career even further.

HRPA promotes and protects the public interest by governing and regulating the practice of members, students and firms registered with the Association in accordance with the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 and our by-laws.

When you renew your membership or student registration with the HRPA, you re-join a community of more than 22,000 regulated HR professionals who are recognized for holding themselves to the highest standards, by adhering to our Rules of Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics.

Your renewal dues are based on your member or student registration class*, and place of residence. Ontario rates are shown below. Refer here for out of province dues.

2021–2022 Renewal Dues by Class In Ontario HST (13%) Total
CHRE $490 $63.70 $553.70
CHRL $490 $63.70 $553.70
CHRP $350 $45.50 $395.50
Practitioner $415 $53.95 $468.95
Allied Practitioner $260 $33.80 $293.80
Student $100 $13.00 $113.00
Retired $100 $13.00 $113.00

* If your member or student registration class changes after your renewal invoice has been generated, we unfortunately cannot adjust your invoice, but the change will be reflected in your renewal the following year.

If you require financial assistance due to unemployment, reduced hours/salary, on parental leave, on contract, or retirement, we can help.

Simply apply for the Renewal Dues Assistance Program (RDAP) to have your dues reduced. For more details please click here to download the form.

Please submit your RDAP application by May 24th, so we can make sure it is processed prior to the May 31st renewal deadline.

While May 31st is the renewal deadline, you have a four-month grace period during which you can still renew, but the following late fees will apply:

  • Students: $20
  • Renewal under the Renewal Dues Assistance Program: $50
  • Members: $100

If you missed the renewal deadline due to extenuating circumstances, the late fee may be waived. To request a waiver of the late fees, simply submit the Late Fee Waiver Request Form to

If you do not renew or resign by May 31st, your registration becomes subject to suspension and possibly revocation, in accordance with the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 and the By-laws.

Your registration status is posted on our Public Register. To avoid having a registration status of “Suspended” or “Revoked” appear on our public register, you must submit a Resignation Form. Please note that HRPA cannot accept resignations over the phone.

If you hold a designation(s), we encourage you to review our Reinstatement and Re-Achievement Policy before you resign so you are aware of the process that is involved should you decide to rejoin HRPA in the future.

While we value your participation in HRPA, if you no longer wish to be part of the Association you may resign at any time by submitting a completed Resignation Form to


Suspension means that you have temporarily lost the rights and privileges relating to your registration. This includes the right to use any designation(s)  granted to you by the HRPA.

If you have not renewed or resigned by May 31st you will receive a 30 day notice via email about your impending Suspension on July 15 at 5pm.

Suspension takes place on July 15 at 5pm if you have not renewed or resigned.

If you are suspended, we will issue you a Notice of Suspension and  Impending Revocation. This provides written notice that your suspension has taken effect and also provides 60 Days Notice that your registration is pending revocation.

Revocation occurs if you have not renewed or resigned by September 30 at 5pm.

If you have not renewed or resigned by that date, you will be revoked and we will issue you a Notice of Revocation. which is sent by email only.

Revocation means that you have officially lost all the rights and privileges relating to your registration. This includes the right to use or advertise any designation(s) granted to you by the HRPA.

CHRP, CHRL and CHRE members of HRPA must meet the CPD requirement and submit their log every three years. The deadline for logs is always May 31 of the year it is due. For more information, please click here.

If you do not submit your CPD log, your registration becomes subject to suspension and possibly revocation, in accordance with the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2013 and the By-laws.

1.      What Payment Methods do you accept?

HRPA accepts payment through the following credit cards via our convenient online renewal system:

  • VISA,
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
2.     Do you accept payment by cheque?

Sorry, the HRPA no longer accepts payment by cheque. We apologize for any inconvenience. If there are any extenuating circumstances, please contact us at

3.    My employer re-imburses me for my registration dues. How do I obtain a receipt?

Once the payment is processed and your renewal is complete, a receipt and registration card will be  sent to you via email.

Alternatively, you can print your receipt by accessing it through My Transactions in the Dashboard.

4.    How can I print my invoice?

If you have not renewed your registration and would like to print a copy of your invoice, please follow  these steps:

  • Click here to access your Dashboard. Enter the e-mail address you provided to HRPA, and your password. If you need to retrieve your password kindly use the Sign-In Help.
  • From your Dashboard, click on the “Renew” button and go through the renewal process, clicking “Next” to complete each section until you reach the payment section.
  • In the payment section, select “Click here to print your renewal invoice” to view the details and print the invoice.

5.    How do I get another copy of my receipt?

HRPA sends a copy of your renewal receipt to the email address we have on file for you. However, if you need to print another copy, please follow the instructions below:

  • Click here to access your Dashboard. Enter the e-mail address you provided to HRPA, and your password. If you need to retrieve your password kindly use the Sign-In Help.
  • From your Dashboard, click on “My Transactions”. Click on the “Invoice Number” if you would like to print the receipt, then click on “Print”.
6.    I haven’t obtained my required CPD hours. What can I do?

If you currently hold a CHRP, CHRL or CHRE designation and are unable to obtain the required 66.67 CPD hours during your CPD period, you may submit a request for an extension by completing the CPD Request for Extension Policy. All extension requests must be submitted prior to the CPD submission deadline, but no earlier than 6 months prior to when the CPD log is due.

Please note extensions can be granted by HRPA for the following reasons:

  • On parental/maternity leave
  • Experiencing prolonged illness
  • Experiencing unemployment

If you plan on applying for an extension, please update your CPD log to identify how many hours you have accrued to date, provide supporting documentation to validate your extension request (i.e. doctor’s note), and complete the professional development table to demonstrate how you plan on meeting the CPD requirement of 66.67 hours.

Please complete the CPD Extension Request Form and submit it via email to

7.     What is the tax I should include with the registration dues?

Registrants residing in Ontario must add 13% HST to their renewal dues. For example: $200 x 13% HST ($26) = $226.

Registrants living in another Canadian province other than Ontario should calculate the tax in their respective province.

Applicants residing in a country other than Canada do not have to pay any applicable taxes.

8.    How do I cancel my current registration?

Registration dues are non-refundable. However, you may resign your registration at any time by submitting a completed Resignation form. You may send the completed form via email to or mailing it to HRPA 200-150 Bloor St West Toronto, ON M5S 2X9.

For designated members, we would strongly advise you to review our Reinstatement and Re- achievement Policy before submitting your resignation form. Please note that HRPA cannot accept resignations over the phone.

9.     The online renewal system asked me for my business contact information. Do I need to provide this information even though I’m not working in an HR capacity?

Yes. As required by HRPA’s By-laws, your business address and telephone number will appear on HRPA’s public register. If you are an independent practitioner/consultant who operates out of your home, your home address becomes your business address.

10.  How do I change my legal last name on file?

Please submit a copy of your driver’s license, marriage certificate, or other proof of name change to An email confirmation will be sent once your file has been updated.

11.   Previously my registration class was “Student” however, I  received my designation in 2020. What are my renewal dues for the June, 2021 to May 2022 registration year?

Registrants who were granted their CHRP or CHRL designation in 2020 will be charged the corresponding designated renewal dues for the June, 2021 to May, 2022 registration year.

If you need help with the renewal cost due to the financial impact of life events such as unemployment, we encourage you to consider applying for the Renewal Dues Assistance Program (RDAP). For more information about the program, please click here.

12.  I’m retired. What are my options?

HRPA offers lower renewal dues for registrants who have retired. For designated registrants, retired status furthermore allows them to keep their designation but without being subject to the continuing professional development requirement as long as they put ‘retired’ or ‘ret’ behind their designation(s). Registrants whose designations have been retired are also no longer eligible to vote in elections for HRPA’s Board of Directors, but otherwise continue to enjoy all the same rights and obligations as all other registrants.

There are some things you may want to consider before applying for retired status:

If you ‘retire’ from a company, but continue to practice HR either full-time, part-time, on occasion, or pro bono, you are not eligible for retired status.

  • Registrants applying for retired status are permitted to work a maximum of 15 hours a week in a non-HR capacity.
  • If you exit the workforce entirely and do not want to keep the right to use your designation(s) but wish to remain registered with HRPA, you may apply for retired dues and resign your designation(s) (and be placed in a non-designated registration class, such as Practitioner).
  • If you would like to simply resign your registration with HRPA once you have retired, please complete the Resignation Form and submit it to

Note that to maintain the right to use your designation(s), even under the retired status, you must remain a registrant of HRPA.

How to apply

13.  How do I change my chapter affiliation? 

If you would like to change your chapter, please send your chapter transfer request to Changing your chapter affiliation does not change your renewal dues so you can go ahead and renew your registration before your chapter affiliation has changed.  

14. What happens if I answer ‘Yes’ to one of the Self-Reporting obligations? 

As part of your renewal, you will be asked a series of mandatory self-reporting obligation questions as set out in Section 16.01 of the By-laws 

 If you answer ‘Yes’ to one or more of the selfreporting obligations, a staff member from HRPA will contact you to confirm your answer and provide you with information on how to proceed. Please note that you can complete your renewal in the meantime – answering yes to one or more of the self-reporting obligations does not prevent you from renewing your registration with HRPA.  

 15. I will be providing the Standard Undertaking as my supporting document. Who can be a witness? 

All witnesses must be over the age of 18 and they must be of sound mind. Also, the witness is someone who can verify that the information you provided in the Standard Undertaking is truthful.  

The witness signature can be an electronic signature, or the witness can simply type their name. We will also accept a letter or email from your witness confirming that all the information you provided is truthful. For questions, please contact 

 16. Should I provide all the supporting documents indicated in the RDAP form? 

 No, please submit only one (1) piece of the approved supporting documentation with your completed RDAP request form.  

 17. How do I update the email address or username you have on file? 

Please follow the instructions below: 

  • Click here to access your Dashboard. Enter the e-mail address you provided to HRPA, and your password. If you need to retrieve your password kindly use the Sign-In Help. 
  • From your Dashboard, click on “Edit My Contact Information” and update the necessary information. Click on “Save” 

Email is HRPA’s primary mode of communication, so please ensure you keep your email/username up-to-date and check your inbox including your junk mail regularly for communications from HRPA. 

You Belong at HRPA