We’re in the final stretch of 2022 and what a year it’s been! Over the last twelve months we’ve accomplished a lot and every event, initiative, story, and achievement reminds us that its our HRPA staff, members, students, and volunteers who make it all possible.

So, before we close the books on 2022, let’s take a few moments to review highlights and reflect on what we’ve done together this year. The list of highlights is by no means exhaustive, but it is a sampling of the incredible impact our HRPA staff and community, YOU, have made in furthering HRPA’s mandate, which continues to help us ensure HR professionals are recognized as an essential part of business success in Ontario.

Highlights From 2022 (plus a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2023)

HRPA reimagined its Annual Conference and Trade Show based on feedback we received from you through our member surveys. Rather than hosting a large conference, this year, HRPA brought multiple Seasonal Conferences and other virtual events including Summer Conference, HR Summit and Fall Conference, where top keynote speakers and HR leaders addressed the changing landscape of work and explored ways to redefine and rebuild HR amid a “new normal”.

And these conferences had a great turnout. Did you know, for example, that we surpassed our registration targets for the 2022 Fall Conference with over 721 participants in attendance?

In 2022, we also marked our 30th Annual Law Conference! Presented in collaboration with Osgoode Hall Law School – Professional Development, at this two-day hybrid event, experts in HR law shed light on the evolving legislative requirements and considerations in the workplace.

Beyond that, members were given the opportunity to attend a wide variety of professional development offerings and webinars addressing project management, benefits and pensions, succession planning, conflict resolution and much more.

Here’s a roadmap of our upcoming conferences in 2023:

2022 saw the first of its kind, self-guided learning experience, which offered resources, activities and interactive sessions that participants could learn from at their own pace, in order to improve their ability to engage in conversations about and initiatives towards truth and reconciliation.

Over 1300 participants signed up for this session, demonstrating our members’ commitment to inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility this year.

We plan to host more of these in the coming months.

HRPA Chapters, along with volunteers, helped reintroduce in-person events. These events gave local members a chance to meet face-to-face while exploring topics that included mental health in the workplace, equity, diversity and inclusion and accessibility and organizational culture evolvement.

Keep an eye on the 2023 Professional Development calendar as we continue to add new and exciting topics, conferences, programs, self-guided learning sessions and Chapter webinars.

Our Chapters launched HR Power Lunch, an online series hosted at noon for HR professionals looking for a convenient way to sharpen their skills. Webinars in this series cover a variety of topics including health and wellness, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion – and are complimentary for members. More than 400 of you registered for the first webinar in the series, exceeding our goal of 200 sign ups!

If you missed the 2022 webinars, no need to fret! HR Power Lunch is continuing into the new year with the first one happening January 10. Learn more.

So many members achieved their CHRP, CHRL or CHRE designations this year.  Congratulations! Your new designation validates your knowledge of HR and signals your commitment to career-long learning and ethical practice.

Designation exam prep webinars including our Tips from Top Scorers and Advice from the Office of the Registrar proved to be invaluable tools for members who were looking to successfully take their CHRP or CHRL Knowledge Exams in 2022. These exam prep webinars and more will be available in 2023.

A refreshed, modernized Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct along with new Professional Guidance were introduced in the fall.

The Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct apply to all HRPA registrants (members and students) in the practice of the HR profession. Starting in 2020, HRPA undertook a full review of the Rules of Professional Conduct, which resulted in significant updates.

Practice Guidelines and Standards were also developed to address the evolving needs and challenges within workplaces and to ensure regulated HR professionals have the best in guidance to practice ethically, competently, effectively and with confidence.

On January 18, we publish three more Practice Guidelines – all accessible on HRPA’s guidance webpage on https://www.hrpa.ca/professional-guidance/ and on the following topics:

  • Fostering Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Terminations Checklist
  • Social Media Use

Learn more about Professional Regulation.

2022 was quite the year for students. We held a number of impressive, student professional development and networking events, some of the most notable being the Student Fall Social and Student Success Forum. (Check out some of the testimonials from the Student Fall Social.)In between all of the events, we had the opportunity to visit different colleges and universities in Ontario to share practical tips and next steps for students looking to establish a career in HR.

What’s more? We introduced our HRPA Student Ambassadors Program, designed to help connect HRPA and HR students on campus. We’ll be announcing our ambassadors in 2023 so follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the announcement.

Our HRPA Board plays an important role in setting the agenda for HRPA and charting the future direction for the HR profession. So, we were thrilled when we welcomed two new members to the Board this year: Ashim Khemani, CEO of Stem Capital and Timothy Lang, President and CEO of YES.

At the start of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the 2023 candidates nominated to the HRPA Board. Voting is an important expression of your participation in the governance of regulated Human Resources in Ontario. Keep an eye out for an email that will notify you when elections begin.

Over the last few years, HR job ads on the Hire Authority platform have nearly doubled making it clear that the demand for HR professionals is on the rise. Check out the article we released in February for more information.

This abundance of job openings for HR professionals has presented a unique moment of leverage that many members and students have capitalized on in 2022. But it’s one you can still make the most of in 2023. Setting up your Hire Authority account is simple and once you fill out your profile, you’ll be able to explore and apply to job postings available on the platform. Visit Hire Authority to learn more: https://www.hireauthority.ca/

There were several changes to the HRPA website, but one of the most exciting had to be the HRPA Member Benefits page! The update to the webpage makes it’s easier for HRPA members and students, like you, to access your exclusive benefits & discounts, resources & tools as well as professional development opportunities.

The good news is that the perks don’t stop in 2022. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back on it regularly for all the latest deals and offerings: https://www.hrpa.ca/member-benefits/

Volunteers are the key to HRPA’s success and this year was no different.

This year, we had over 3000 volunteers — and we saw a significant increase in participants in the HRPA Mentorship Program. In 2021, there were 400 Mentorship participants. Now there are more than 1400, thanks to you!

In fact, no matter what role you play on our volunteer teams (whether you’re part of a Regulatory Committee or helping out with one of our events), we’re so grateful. We spent some time recognizing our volunteers in April during National Volunteer Week and can’t wait to do it again in the new year.

We released our 2021 Annual Report and the results from a number of surveys including our Annual Member and Student Survey and Pulse Surveys. We also covered some of the most pressing issues, news and trends shaping the HR profession in the HR Insights blog and the news section of the HRPA Insider to help you feel empowered and prepared as an HR leader.

In case you missed it, here’s some of 2022’s top HRPA blogs:

We’re truly motivated by this HR community and optimistic about our bright and boundless future together. Thank you, once again, for acting as champions for positive change and for making 2022 such a big year for HR and the HRPA.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season – and look forward to an even better new year. 

Please note that the HRPA will be closed from 1 pm ET on December 23, 2022, and we will resume regular business hours on January 3, 2023.