The HR job market is on fire.

According to HRPA’s Hire Authority job board, HR job ads on the platform have nearly doubled over the last few years, with an increase of 87% from 2020 to 2021. 1

Several other reports confirm this trend, with a 2022 study showing that HR jobs are up by 131% from their pre-pandemic rate. That far outpaces the average job ad climb of other sectors such as banking and finance (117%), software development (112%) and nursing (90%). 2

What‘s happening?

The spike in the demand for HR professionals reflects the massive shifts that are happening in today’s workplaces. Some of these changes include learning how to deal with high turnover rates (the Great Resignation), return-to-work policies, and hybrid workforces and full-time remote staff. (In a recent survey by Ten Spot, a workforce engagement platform, nearly 50% of managers indicated that it’s becoming harder to manage employees remotely.) 3

Employers are also figuring out how to best support employee mental health and well-being, while grappling with how to close the diversity and inclusion gap.

In short, companies are becoming more aware of the fact that people impact business, which means addressing people-related challenges isn’t optional. Businesses need skilled and qualified HR professionals to properly respond to employee needs.

What does this mean for you?

As we mentioned before, the HR job market is hotter than ever before, as proven by the hundreds of HR job ads that are available on Hire Authority (over 1600 job ads as of late 2021). So, take advantage of this opportunity by creating your Hire Authority profile.

When it comes to beefing up their HR departments, businesses turn to Hire Authority because it’s exclusive to HRPA members and students. Companies know that HRPA members are committed to the HR profession – and members have the most up-to-date tools and the advanced skills needed to lead workplaces into the future.

  1. To begin, sign into the Hire Authority account using the same login details you use for the HRPA website. Once you’re signed in, fill out your profile details and upload a current resume.
  2. Next, turn on your job alerts.
    Hire Authority features HR jobs from a variety of sectors and companies, as well as a range of role types, salary expectations and job titles. Customize your alerts to receive the latest jobs and get these sent directly to your inbox, whether that’s on a daily or weekly basis.
  3. Optimize your job search by subscribing to the Hire Authority e-newsletter. This weekly publication covers the latest job postings, including any that you may have missed, and includes career-related events and resources for HR professionals at every stage of the job process. To subscribe click “Manage Your Preferences” found at the bottom of most HRPA emails.

Bottom line

More businesses are understanding the importance of human capital and the essential role HR professionals play in managing this aspect of the organization. Which means more businesses are seeking out HR professionals on Hire Authority.

Strike while the iron is hot (although there’s ample evidence that the demand for HR professionals isn’t going anywhere any time soon) and start your HR job search on Hire Authority today.