This week is National Volunteer Week (April 16- 22), a time to celebrate, honour and thank all the incredible volunteers who support HRPA throughout the year. This year’s theme, Volunteering Weaves Us Together, highlights the power of our volunteers’ collective impact to drive HRPA’s mandate forward and protect the public interest.

To all our volunteers, thank you!

View our Thank You message from Jodi Kovitz, HRPA CEO below.
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Let's Celebrate! Join a Coffee Chat with the CEO

To show our appreciation, we're inviting our volunteers to a virtual Coffee Chat with Jodi Kovitz, HRPA CEO. Whether you choose to drink coffee or another beverage, we know that this conversation will leave you motivated and inspired! It's happening this Friday, April 21.

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Gratitude Wall

We are incredibly grateful to each one of our volunteers. While words will never be enough to express our gratitude, we hope these messages show how immensely thankful HRPA is for all that you do.

From Volunteer(s) Message
Claude Balthazard, Registrar Former Registrar On behalf of the Ontario public, I would like to thank all of you that have diligently volunteered as members of one of HRPA’s Regulatory Committees, for the work that you do in carrying out your duties under the Act and by-laws. It is impossible not to recognize how you have taken time out of your busy schedules to ensure that HRPA can deliver on its mandate to promote and protect the public interest. This work is often done selflessly without expectation of reward or recognition. Thank you.
Louise Tagliacozzo All Chapter Volunteers Everything we do is because we have a strong Chapter volunteer network that cares about the HR community and profession deeply. Our chapter volunteers provide access to quality programs across Ontario and whether you are a newcomer or seasoned professional, you are welcomed with open arms and have the opportunity to build your professional network and build on your skills and capability. THANK YOU to our strong Chapter Leaders.
Bobbi-Lyn Smith Chatham-Kent Chapter Board This tight knit group of volunteers always shows up! Working together for years as strong advocates for HR practitioners in the area, you enthusiastically embrace what is important to you. Looking forward to what’s ahead as we are all ambassadors of HRPA navigating change together!
Bobbi-Lyn Smith Grand Valley Chapter Board With thoughtful consideration you deliver strong event programming to increase members’ knowledge, skill and proficiency while also working tirelessly to raise HRPA awareness amongst students in your area post-secondary schools. Your commitment as volunteer leaders over the years is appreciated!
Bobbi-Lyn Smith Guelph and District Chapter Board Working to provide a sense of community for your local members through program events, networking and mentoring opportunities, this team steps up to help one another when challenges arise. So grateful for the time and energy you dedicate to your volunteer roles. Thank you!
Bobbi-Lyn Smith London and District Chapter Board Always a joy to work with. Your passion for delivering the best possible communications, programs, and networking opportunities for members shines through! Thank you for being strong ambassadors for HRPA and being dedicated to the growth of the Chapter. You make a difference!
Bobbi-Lyn Smith Sarnia and District Chapter Board You bring positive energy to all that you take on. Working hard to bring quality speakers and networking opportunities to increase your local member engagement is truly your focus. I am grateful to be the staff support for such a lovely volunteer group!
Bobbi-Lyn Smith Windsor and District Chapter Board Volunteering for your Chapter Board demonstrates your strong commitment to HRPA, the HR profession and your local Chapter members. Your Chapter’s success is thanks to your leadership and support. Your efforts make it easy, and you are always a pleasure to work with!
Boski Verma Student Liaison Chairs Thank you for all your hard work as Student Liaison Chairs. Your dedication to the role has been invaluable and I really appreciate your commitment and inspiration to HRPA.
Inderjit K Singh Student Ambassador Program It has been a great experience connecting with these future HR professionals. They are eager to be involved, spread awareness of HRPA and be part of the team. Thank you to all our 28 Student Ambassadors, who are part of our first year of the Student Ambassador program. I hope you always continue growing in the HR profession!
Justin Manuel Board Nominating Committee (BNC) A big thank you to the BNC for once again sourcing both high caliber nominees for the Board, and for vetting them ahead of the election period. Each year, we continue to see the bar raised with the caliber of candidates that come forward. Thank you again for everything that you do.
Louise Tagliacozzo Board Nominating Committee (BNC) A HUGE thank you to Jill Birch, Patrick Gauch and our Board Nominating Committee, who successfully recruited and interviewed our candidates for the HRPA Provincial Elections. We know there was an intense vetting period due to the volume of prospective candidates and we sincerely appreciate all of your efforts to ensure we remained within our prescribed timelines.
Louise Tagliacozzo HRPA Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) Lisa Isaac and the GNC have accomplished so much in the 2022-23 volunteer year. With the recent inclusion of regulatory oversight and the work folded in from our Board Inclusivity Task Force, the workplan is a series of complex accountabilities that the GNC undertakes on behalf of the Board and in the public interest. A sincere thank you to the GNC for their laser focus on the tasks at hand and always asking probing questions of management to ensure our commitment to the mandate of HRPA..
Louise Tagliacozzo HRPA Provincial Board of Directors Our Board works incredibly hard to ensure that we remain committed to our mandate and that we have an organization that provides excellent programs and services and is sustainable for years to come. Led by Patty Johns, the Board has developed and operationalized in 2022-23 a new Enterprise Risk Framework and Balanced Score Card for the Association. A substantive undertaking which has enhanced HRPA’s performance and risk reporting.
Rebecca Lauzon Durham Chapter It’s hard to come up with the right words to describe my gratitude for the Durham Chapter. You are a hard-working Board of Directors that is full of innovative ideas and dedicated to the growth of the HRPA Chapter and the prosperity of Durham Region. I continue to value my long-standing affiliation with you all. Simply, thank you.
Rebecca Lauzon Grey Bruce Chapter Although our time together has been brief, thank you for your support. Your commitment as volunteer leaders over the years has been much appreciated.
Rebecca Lauzon Peterborough Chapter A cohesive well-oiled machine! If you can do something, anything, to help your team – that’s your motto. A joy to work with, bringing positive energy at every turn. Peterborough Chapter will continue to thrive with this leadership team. Thanks again for your outstanding efforts.
Rebecca Lauzon Quinte Chapter The Board of Directors continue to bring excellent professional development and networking opportunities to the membership. This chapter pushes on without a hiccup! Your efforts are always appreciated.
Rebecca Lauzon Thousand Islands Thousand Islands Chapter has built a strong Board of Directors and future leadership team to build on Chapter excellence. “For every ten that watch, one comes forward to help”. Thank you for stepping forward and contributing to the success of the Chapter!
Rebecca Lauzon York Region Chapter Thank you so much for your continued dedication to excellence. York Region volunteers continue to be pioneers in best practices. With your continued hard work, the Chapter continues to flourish. HRPA are forever thankful for the time you have given. You have made an unforgettable difference!
Tammy Williams Former Algoma Chapter Where would HRPA be without the commitment of volunteers like you? Thank you so much for your leadership role, your generous support is greatly appreciated.
Tammy Williams Northern ON Chapter Your generous energy and time contributed to HRPA is very much appreciated. You are a wonderful team to work with. Your collaborative and generous spirit makes it a delight to work with you.
Tammy Williams Ottawa and District Chapter To Ottawa and District team of volunteers, thank you for your professionalism, timely assistance, and great organization skills. You are a critical part of HRPA. Thank you for generously sharing your time and energy with us!
Tammy Williams Toronto Chapter Thank you new and returning HRPA Toronto Chapter volunteers. Your willingness to give your time and support to HRPA and members is greatly appreciated. Your passion and energy is shown through the great events over the past year. Behind every successfully organized event there is an extraordinary volunteer team. Thank you for a job well done.
Tracey Gallacher Barrie Chapter It is such an honour to work with such a dedicated Board. You have been such devoted and hardworking volunteers. Thank you so much for the work you have done for our members. You make sure to plan interesting events and communications for your members to keep them coming back and easily pivoting back to in-person events. It couldn’t be done without your hard work. Thank you!
Tracey Gallacher Halton Chapter Members were treated to an awesome array of events and engagement opportunities because of your efforts this year. You were also able to engage your chapter in regulatory issues that are so important. I’m sure next year will be another great one! Thank you all for your team work to pull this all off!
Tracey Gallacher Hamilton Chapter From supporting our members with exceptional events, networking opportunities, and speakers throughout the year, you have done so with an incredible sense of dedication. Together you have helped us ensure an exceptional year with another exciting one on the horizon. Thanks for all that you do!
Tracey Gallacher Niagara Chapter What a year! Committed to your local membership, this team delivers. Your high member engagement certainly reflects the quality programming and effective communications. Your contributions matter. Thanks for all that you do!
Tracey Gallacher Peel Chapter Thank you for always providing relevant programming, informative communications, mentoring, student engagement, and working together to get back to in-person so flawlessly. You are all incredible volunteers. Keep up the great work!
Tracey Gallacher West Toronto Chapter You have a really tight-knit team and it shows how well you all work together. I’ve witnessed a team that truly cares about their members and are constantly looking for ways to increase engagement. Thank you for being you!

Volunteer Spotlight: Stories that Weave Us Together

In honour of National Volunteer Week, we're sharing the stories of four of our volunteers. Listen in as they talk about their journey including what motivates them to give their time and energy to HRPA. Perhaps their stories and their passion will inspire you to join them!

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