What is the HRPA Mentorship Program?

The HRPA Mentorship Program encourages career growth and development by providing students – and HR Professionals who are early in their careers – with the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from more experienced Human Resources Professionals.

As a HR Professional who is early in their career, navigating your career path can be daunting. Having a mentor with experience in your field can help you develop a clearer, long-term career plan. A mentor can also help you navigate through challenges, develop new skills, build your network or even help you prepare for your CHRP/CHRL examinations.

The Mentorship program benefits mentors by providing them with an opportunity to give back to their profession. Participating in the Mentorship Program is also a personally fulfilling way for mentors to earn CPD hours towards CHRP or CHRL re-certification.

All participants must be a Chapter member in good standing AND able to commit two to four (2-4) hours per month.

How does the Mentorship Program Work?

The mentorship program matches mentors and mentees according to their profile and specific, self-identified coaching needs and professional goals, using an online platform known as HRPA Mentoring, a solution powered by MentorCity.

HRPA Mentoring, is an on-line application that makes it easy to connect mentors and mentees to form meaningful mentoring relationships. The service also features a discussion room for mentors and mentees to share experiences, ideas, and resources with other mentors and mentees. It is easy to use and is PIPEDA compliant.

Once paired, the program supports the development of mentoring relationships by providing participants with networking events, a program orientation and resource materials.

Participants must agree to abide by the Volunteer Code of Conduct while interacting with their peers on the platform.

For more information, visit the How it works section of the MentorCity website.

How to Apply

To get started, simply go to https://mentoring.hrpa.ca/  and sign in with the same credentials you use to access the main HRPA website.

Registration takes a matter of minutes and is made even quicker if you choose to import the details from a LinkedIn account.

Once you have finished filling in your profile, you will automatically be enrolled in your local Chapter’s mentoring program.

Each Chapter manages its mentoring program differently, either matching mentees/mentors for their members, or allowing you to look through a pool of available mentors/mentees and establish your own relationship(s).

For more information on how your Chapter runs its mentoring program, contact your Chapter’s support team here.