Our careers are greatly shaped by the people we meet along the way. We all need someone we can learn from, someone who’s in our corner to support us on our HR career journey. That’s why we developed the HRPA Mentorship Program.

The HRPA Mentorship program encourages career growth and development by providing students – and HR Professionals who are early in their careers – with the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from more experienced Human Resources Professionals.

This online, interactive program runs throughout the year. If you’re interested in being either a mentor or a mentee, click here to sign in and get started.


The HRPA Mentorship Program is an online platform matching mentors and mentees based on profile information, self-identified coaching needs and professional goals, using an online platform known as HRPA Mentoring — a solution powered by MentorCity.

The platform makes it easy to connect mentors and mentees to meaningful mentoring relationships. It also features a discussion room for mentors and mentees to share experiences, ideas and resources with other mentors and mentees. It is easy to use and is PIPEDA compliant.

Once paired, the program supports the development of mentoring relationships by providing participants with networking events, a program orientation and resource materials.

Participants must agree to abide by the Volunteer Code of Conduct while interacting with their peers on the platform.

For more information, visit the How it works section of the MentorCity website.


It’s easy! All you have to do is...

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Step 1:

Go to https://mentoring.hrpa.ca/ and create a profile using the same credentials you use to access the HRPA website.


Step 2:

You get matched!


The HRPA Mentorship Program was designed to connect mentors and mentees to meaningful mentoring relationships. As a HR Professional, navigating your career path can be daunting. Having a mentor with experience in your field can help you develop a clearer, long-term career plan. As a mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to “pay-it-forward” in a meaningful way.

We used to have separate mentoring programs managed by each Chapter. But we decided to combine them to create one HRPA Mentorship Program. That’s because Chapters with smaller regions didn’t have a wide pool of mentors and mentees to get matched with. This change was made to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to get matched.

Yes! To get started, simply go to https://mentoring.hrpa.ca/ and sign in with the same credentials you use to access the main HRPA website.

Registration takes a matter of minutes and is made even quicker if you choose to import the details from a LinkedIn account.

The #1 reason people hesitate to become a mentor is they fear it will take up too much of their time. Our Mentoring platform is easy to use – setup is quick and YOU determine the schedule and method that is most convenient.

Any HRPA member can be a mentee.

Any HRPA member can be a mentor.


A lot of people think a mentor has to be an industry veteran or VP with 20 plus years of work experience. That’s not necessarily true!


An HR professional early in their career can also be a mentor and will certainly have valuable insights and wisdom that can be shared through the mentee-mentor experience.

We accept mentors and mentees year-round. The platform is also available to access throughout the year.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact mentoring@hrpa.ca.

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