Mentoring can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your HR career. Just ask Veronica Martin, CHRL, ATC, Coach and Consultant, and long-time HRPA mentor who we recently caught up with to talk about her experience in the HRPA Mentorship Program.

When did you decide to become a mentor and why did you make this decision?

Thank you for asking! I joined the HRPA Mentorship Program many, many years ago – possibly 2009?  I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from excellent mentors during my career and having the opportunity to be that sounding board for other HR professionals was a natural fit for me.

How has becoming a mentor impacted you professionally and personally?

I’ve been partnered with at least a dozen HR professionals, each of whom has enriched my life, both professionally and personally. Aside from many friendships which have blossomed as a result of the mentor relationship, every time I’ve given advice or told a story from my experience, I’ve had the chance to revisit choices I’ve made, and think about how I would approach a situation now.

The people who join the HRPA Mentorship Program are interesting, curious and eager to learn. They also share their own experiences, which I’ve been able to learn from to help with my work. More than once I’ve been able to get my own questions answered by people whom I’ve mentored, for which I’m grateful.

What’s the biggest challenge when it comes to mentoring?

Mentoring relationships need time and trust to flourish, so ensuring that regular meetings happen is a key to developing a relationship that will benefit both. Making the mentoring meetings a priority can be challenging at times, but is very important. The mentee needs to know that you will be there for them.

What’s your advice to other people considering joining the HRPA Mentorship Program – either as a mentor or a mentee or both?

Absolutely do it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether you’re a mentor or mentee. If you’re considering joining as a mentor, know that your experience is what the mentee wants to hear about, and that’s why they chose you. Don’t think that you don’ t have the knowledge to do it. Be curious and help the mentee work through issues they have by asking questions. You don’t have to have had the same experience to be able to guide them. And use your own network to connect your mentees to others who might have different viewpoints.

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