HR Power Lunch

Webinar NamePrice for MembersPrice for Non-membersAir Date*CPD Hours
The Fundamentals of Pay Equity: Are you Compliant?$20$35Apr 4, 20241.5
Collective Bargaining – Practical Considerations$20$35Mar 21, 20241.5
Collective Bargaining - HR's Role in Managing the Table$20$35Mar 7, 20241.5
HR Power Lunch: Arbitration in the Workplace

Feb 22, 20241.5
HR Power Lunch: The HR Professional v. The Arbitration Hearing (2024): Are you truly ready?$20$35Feb 8, 20241.5
HR Power Lunch: Is age discrimination still a thing?$20$35Jan 30, 20241.5
HR Power Lunch: Mindset Matters – How our Best Self Contributes to a Healthy Culture at Work$20 $35Jan 18, 20241.5
HR Power Lunch: I'm afraid I can't recommend that severance package Dave: AI and Employment law for HR Professionals$20$35Dec 19, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Harnessing Generative AI for Good: How ChatGPT Can Enhance HR$20$35Dec5, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Building Highly Effective HR Departments$20$35Oct 19, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Engaging the Workforce of Tomorrow$20$35Oct 3, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Building A Sustainable People Analytics Function to Unlock Business Value$20$35Sept 21, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Guide to Workplace Bullying and Harassment$20$35Aug 17, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Beyond the Playground: Legal Updates and Best Practices for Employers to Address Workplace Cyberbullying$20$35Aug 1, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Coming To Terms With The Hybrid Workforce$20$35Jul 11, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: HR’s Role In Creating A Culture of Cybersecurity$20$30Jun 6, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Exploring the 4 Day – Reduce Hours – Work Week$20$35Jul 20, 20231.5
HR Power Lunch: Compliance with Privacy & Data Protection$20$35Jun 22, 20231.5

*All webinars will remain available to view for up to one year following the air date.