This is a guest blog post by the expert facilitator of HRPA Growth Circles, Jo Ann Dizy.

We are excited to introduce a transformative opportunity for HRPA members: HRPA Growth Circles. These circles bring together 10 dedicated HR Professionals who are committed to monthly meetings aimed at mutual learning, development, and growth. HRPA Growth Circles are a safe space where colleagues can network, connect, share challenges, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships with other high-potential HR professionals beyond their own workplaces. 

What sets HRPA Growth Circles apart is its innovative approach and the tangible benefits it offers participants. At its core is the belief in the power of community and collaboration for individual development. By uniting individuals with a shared dedication to growth, networking, and community, HRPA Growth Circles fosters genuine connections and collective progress.

The program’s structure is carefully designed to maximize impact. Over the course of a year, participants will meet monthly under the guidance of a professional facilitator. Together, they will co-create a curriculum that addresses relevant and timely topics, ensuring that each session is engaging and productive. These circles quickly become a safe haven for sharing challenges, exchanging insights, and forming authentic relationships.

HRPA Growth Circles not only provide immediate benefits but also have long-lasting effects. Participants emerge with new skills, perspectives, and a network of like-minded individuals. They gain a sense of belonging to a community dedicated to helping each other advance, grow, and thrive.

Feedback from past participants using this methodology has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the value of this opportunity. We are thrilled to offer HRPA Growth Circles to our members and invite those interested in learning more go to the HRPA Growth Circles webpage. Join us on this journey of growth and empowerment!

NOTE: the first HRPA Growth Circle in May is for HR Directors with around 500+ employees in their organizations. More Circles will follow!

o-Ann-Dizy-headshot Jo Ann Dizy, has spent the last 13 years building community, network and support to enable personal and professional growth. This journey began in her role as  Executive Director of Peerscale, where she was responsible for the successful leadership and management of this members-based organization. The backbone of this organization was Peer Circles, and Jo Ann spent over 10 years researching best practices for these highly successful groups, and developing successful training programs, operational expectations, and facilitation techniques to provide high value to the C-suite members.

Jo Ann then became Vice President, Global Events & Partnerships at #movethedial, and led the Global Events Team, Partnership Team, and Community Programming.  Jo Ann brought her knowledge of the power of peer-to-peer mentoring to #movethedial and developed the Peer Circles program specifically for women, and successfully launched this program inside large organizations to promote engagement, advancement, development and retention of their high potential women.

Jo Ann is now thrilled to be working with organizations that are serious about engaging, advancing and retaining their high potential and ambitious change-makers to their organizations.  As Lead Facilitator, she personally launches and leads the Growth Circles, quickly building an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality, leading to strong commitments and openness among members which fosters personal and professional growth.

Jo Ann earned her MBA at the Schulich School of Business with a double major in Finance and Strategy, and her Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance from York University.  Jo Ann more recently became a Certified Counselling Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.