As Ontario undergoes a significant shift in its employment legislation landscape, HR professionals find themselves at the forefront of these changes. The introduction of Bill 79, the Working for Workers Act, 2023, signals a pivotal moment in ensuring greater protection and benefits for employees while also enhancing working conditions. HRPA’s upcoming micro-conference on “Decoding the Codes: What’s the Impact of Bills 79 and 149?” provides a much-needed platform for HR leaders to understand, strategize for and navigate through these intricate legislative updates.  

Free for HRPA members, this micro-conference is a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead of the curve as a strategic leader in the ever-evolving world of HR! 

DATE: February 29, 2024 

FORMAT: Online 

COST: FREE – HRPA Members, Non-Members – $120 

Featuring a wide variety of expert speakers, this micro-conference promises: 

  • A detailed analysis of Bill 79, the Working for Workers Act and its implications or employers. 
  • An examination of the potential impact of Bill 149, the Working for Workers Four Act, 2023. 
  • An in-depth understanding of the key provisions that are changing the nature of work. 

What Can You Expect at the Micro-Conference? 

Expert speakers like Diane Harbin, Associate at Hicks Morley, will guide participants through these complex legislative changes, ensuring they leave equipped with practical knowledge and strategies to adapt effectively. 

Additionally, the micro-conference will delve into broader economic and labor market outlooks, offering attendees a holistic view of the landscape they operate in. In particular, Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist at The Conference Board of Canada, will provide insights into the Canadian economic forecast for 2024, empowering businesses to navigate potential disruptions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

Rounding off the event, the open forum session will allow participants to engage directly with experts, seek clarification and gain further insights on topics discussed throughout the day. Wrapping up the micro-conference, this session will leave attendees ready to implement strategies that align with the evolving legislative and economic realities of their workplaces. 

The first event of its kind this year, the Decoding the Codes: What’s the Impact of Bills 79 and 149? micro-conference is poised to be an indispensable resource for HR professionals seeking to navigate Ontario’s evolving employment law landscape. By attending this virtual event, participants will gain the knowledge and insights needed to proactively adapt to legislative changes, drive compliance within their organizations, and ultimately foster a thriving and compliant work environment.  

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