​Step by Step Process for Writing an Exam Online

  1. Establish your eligibility with HRPA. Learn more
  2. Register and make a payment for the exam with the HRPA. Contact HRPA at exams@hrpa.ca to learn more.
  3. Review the ProProctor user guide and the Proproctor Candidate Page
  4. Review all Technical, Environmental and Dress Code Requirements. (See lists below.)
  5. Launch System Readiness Check at least of 24 hours prior to the exam. Learn more
  6. Download the ProProctor Application. Click here
  1. Meet all Technical, Environmental and Dress Code Requirements. Please allow yourself at least 15 minutes, prior to the exam, to do this. (See lists below.)
  2. Launch your exam on your downloaded  ProProctor application, and enter your Appointment Confirmation Number and the first four (4) letters of your last name.
  3. You’ll be greeted by a Prometric Readiness Agent who will:
    • Confirm your identity via video chat. You’ll be asked to take a picture of your valid government-issued photo ID to complete this process. For a list of acceptable forms of ID, view your confirmation of eligibility email.
    • Conduct a 360 view of your environment. You’ll be asked to show your surrounding area (360 view) and work surface using your webcam.
    • Complete a candidate person check. You’ll be asked to stand up to do a scan of yourself which will include, but is not limited to, a check of your sleeves and pockets.
  4. Now you’re ready to take your online proctored exam. Although you will not see your Prometric Proctor, he/she will be available to assist you at any point during your exam.

Congratulations – you’re done your exam!
Expect to receive your exam results within 2 – 3 weeks from the end of the testing window. There are no changes or delays for the release of results.

​Rules & Requirements

You must observe all of the following Technical, Environmental and Dress Code requirements while conducting your exam:


  • Laptop/PC Power Source – device must be plugged in directly into a power source, unattached from a docking station
  • Screen Resolution – 1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution required
  • Operating System – Windows 8 or higher/MacOS 10.13 or higher
  • Web Browser – current version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Connection Speed – 0.5 mbps or greater
  • Wi-Fi Connection – please position your device. (Tip – where you can receive the strongest signal and for best experience, use an ethernet cable to connect directly to the router.)
  • Webcam – whether it is integrated with the laptop or is external, a webcam is required. If an external webcam is used, candidates must be able to move it around to complete the environmental scan.



  • No dual or multiple monitors configurations are permitted for testing. Candidates who have more than one monitor will be asked to either unplug it and move it away or turn it to face outwards.
  • Don’t access ANY electronic devices during the exam including phones and cameras. (See list of “dos” in the Technical Requirements section for permitted devices.)

If you require technical support with launching your exam or have questions about technical requirements, please visit:

https://ehelp.prometric.com/proproctor/s/ .


  • Clear the areas beneath and on your desk and chair.
  • Be seated in a quiet place – indoors – with limited outside noise.
  • Inform other household members of your scheduled exam date and time to ensure they’ll remain quiet during your exam. Remind them that they can’t enter the room at any point during your exam.
  • If you choose, you can have water in a clear glass or clear bottle.



  • No third-party can be present in the room or enter the room for the duration of your exam. This includes spouses, children, pets, relatives etc. You’ll be given one warning should this occur. If it happens again, the exam will be terminated and/or your results invalidated. You will also forfeit any exam fees paid to HRPA. You will need to contact HRPA’s Exams Manager or Exams Specialist regarding next steps. All requirements are non-negotiable so ensure you pick a suitable date for your exam.
  • Don’t speak to or receive aid from other individuals.
  • No written notes, published materials, textbooks and other testing aids. The exam is a closed book exam, with the exception of the CHRP and CHRL Employment Law Examinations, as you will have access to the applicable employment legislation which has been built into the platform and can be accessed from the system during your exam.
  • Don’t change locations while testing.
  • Don’t turn off your lighting or play with audio.
  • No calculators. A calculator is embedded in the exam platform already.
  • No items on your work surface or within reach, other than permitted items. (see list of “dos” in Environmental Requirements section.)


  • Dress comfortably. Religious attire is permitted. Light clothing that is removed for comfort must be hung on your chair



  • No hat, coat, scarf or bulky clothing can be worn.
  • No watch can be worn. A timer will be on screen so you can monitor your time.
  • No item(s) in your pockets. You may be asked to show that your pockets are empty prior to the exam


As the situation with COVID-19 remains fluid and public health measures remain in place indefinitely due the pandemic, candidates are being asked to consult the site open list on Prometric’s website for the most up to date information.

HRPA and Prometric remain committed to ensuring your safety. Learn more about Prometric’s measures during COVID-19: https://www.prometric.com/corona-virus-update

The eligibility criteria, format and the level of difficulty of the exam remain the same. The only difference is the mode of delivery.