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7 HR Priorities for 2024

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Reflecting on a Momentous 2023

Year-End Message From Jodi Kovitz, HRPA CEO and Acting Registrar Read More

Strengthening Our IDEA Commitment: HRPA Partners with Feminuity

Building an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible (IDEA) workplace is not and truly cannot be the sole responsibility of a single department or individual. But… Read More

The Case for Vulnerability as a Catalyst for Growth

In recent years, much has been written on the topic of vulnerable leadership – and it’s exciting. I believe we’re finally reaching a point where… Read More

Mind your Mindset – The Power of Cultivating Employee Well-being

As good people leaders we want to serve our team members to the best of our abilities. We check in with them, making sure they… Read More

CEO Corner: Flexibility is the Future of Work. Equity Demands It.

Like many, I am reminded this International Women’s Day that there is urgent work to do to #EmbraceEquity and an important role for HR professionals. Read More