Building an inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible (IDEA) workplace is not and truly cannot be the sole responsibility of a single department or individual.

But it’s undeniable that HR plays a crucial role in driving forward these principles within the workplace. In fact, now more than ever IDEA efforts have been fully brought back to HR and people leaders. And it’s becoming increasingly important to current and prospective employees, further underscoring the vital role of HR as a catalyst for a change in work environments.

That’s why I’m thrilled that HRPA has partnered with Feminuity. Feminuity is an equity-driven organization committed to equipping HR leaders with a foundational understanding of IDEA and the actions needed to foster IDEA-centered workplace and HR practices. HRPA wants to model best practices and be a leader in this space – Feminuity will help us with this commitment.

I know that IDEA is a complex, multi-dimensional and ever-evolving topic, so it can feel daunting (no matter where you are in your learning journey) to identify next steps and action. But I also know that if it’s going to be a priority for you and your organization, public statements of support and other quick fixes are not enough. HR can no longer be effective without attaining IDEA proficiency.

Feminuity x HRPA Level-UP program is an opportunity for HR to effectively support their organizations – and translate IDEA values into tangible actions. It’s an essential step-by-step, self-guided learning tool that helps HR professionals embed IDEA into every touchpoint of the employee lifecycle. 

At the end of the day, your organization’s company-wide IDEA values have an impact on employees. And for IDEA practices to be successful, HR must be able to integrate IDEA into the employee experience – from the hiring process all the way to the end of an employee’s tenure with your organization. In other words, ensuring an effective, ethical and competent HR practice means HR professionals are well-versed in building diverse, inclusive, accessible and equitable work cultures that help better support employees and create a thriving organization. While there’s no overnight solution for this, Feminuity x HRPA Level-UP program is a crucial first step to help you, as, an HR leader, get started or expand on your current practices for long-term impact.

To access the Feminuity x HRPA’s Level-UP program or learn more, visit: I’m also excited to extend a 10% discount offer on the program, exclusive for HRPA members. Use the code HRPAxFEMINUITY at checkout.

1 Explainer: Why is IDEA back on the plate of HR? After the protests following George Floyd’s murder in 2020, IDEA/ DEI job openings rose by 55% and requests for anti-racism training in corporations surged. But corporate accountability efforts have since dipped, and IDEA/ DEI roles are being laid off at a much higher rate than non-IDEA/ DEI roles.