At the Human Resources Professionals Association, we believe that better HR makes business better. Our goal is to ensure human resources professionals are recognized as an essential part of business success, and that our profession is as valued by organizations as those of other major professional associations.

We do this by equipping our members and students with the knowledge and tools that allow them to be specialized strategic thinkers relied upon to safeguard and futureproof Ontario businesses.

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Mentoring: The HRPA Mentorship Program encourages career growth and development by providing students – and HR Professionals who are early in their careers – with the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from more experienced Human Resources Professionals

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Volunteering at HRPA is a rewarding membership experience and volunteers are critical to the association’s continued success.

With the expertise and involvement of members, we create awareness of workplace issues, promote excellence in human resources management practices and provide services that support the HR community, knowledge-sharing and continuous professional development.

HRPA members and students are involved in a variety of volunteer service opportunities including:

  • Board of Directors
  • Committees
  • Annual Conference & Trade Show
  • Mentoring
  • Local HRPA Chapter Board’s and Chapter Committees

Register as a Volunteer:
The first step to volunteering at HRPA is registering in our volunteer services database. If your registration is accepted, you receive a notification. When an opportunity that matches your preferences and/or skills becomes available, you may be contacted directly with more information about the available volunteer role.

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