Recognizing Our Implicit Bias Towards Indigenous Peoples

Our biases occur automatically and unintentionally, however still ultimately impact our decisions and behaviours. Watch this TEDTalk by Kelly Terbasket, Recognizing Our Implicit Bias Towards Indigenous Peoples and participate as if you were in the audience. 

Video length: 15:23 


Reflect on how internalized unconscious bias can affect a person’s sense of self-worth. 

Call to Action 

Test yourself for hidden bias here

What will you do to recognize and minimize your own implicit biases? 


Seven truths are teachings that have been handed down by ancestors. Learn more about the seven truths and what they represent by listening to this 10-minute episode with Tanya Talaga, a recording from the 2021 series “A Day to Listen – Teaching History & Reconciliation” by the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund. 

Audio length: 10:29 


Journal your reflections about what each of these teachings mean to you. For example, how can you demonstrate respect for your colleagues in the workplace?

Call to Action 

Consider listening to one of these series stories each week, to continue learning about the lived experiences of Indigenous Peoples. 

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