Sage will cleanse your air, your thoughts and help you focus. It’s medicinal, aromatic and strong; its soft, sweet smoke will rise to the Creator and with it, so will your worries, your gratitude and good intentions. 4

Hold space for silence 

Silence does not have to be empty. It can be full of answers.

Find a place where you can focus and reflect on your thoughts and learnings.

Watch this video with Cindy Crowe and listen to her readings that prompts us to reflect on reconciliation and revolution of belonging.

Video length: 8:36


Reflect on what you have read, watched and heard in these activities so far. Use this guided meditation to find and hold space, to sit and focus with mindfulness.

Call to Action

Based on your learning so far, what actionable workplace goals can you set to advance truth and reconciliation? Practice holding space and continuing to reflect.   

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