HRPA & Diversio are Launching an Inclusive Initiative

Assessing diverse representation within HR profession (including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, indigenous peoples, and persons with disability)

Measuring levels of inclusion within the HR profession, with key pain points by demogrpahic group

Identifying most common Diversity & Inclusion programming and policies among members, including gaps and high-level recommendations

Why Choose Diversio?

Apply data analytics and metrics to Diversity & Inclusion in your workplace

Get certified and demonstrate your commitment to employees, customers, and investors

Create a customized Action Plan to drive measurable progress and fulfill reporting requirements

Diversio Certification

Diversio Certification signals that a company is both diverse and inclusive. It means the company has created an environment where all employees can thrive regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.

How Certification Helps You

Fulfill your regulatory reporting obligations under Bill C-25 and other regulations

Showcase your inclusive culture to attract and retain the best talent

Respond to client requests about Diversity & Inclusion in your workplace

How the Process Works

Powered by artificial intelligence and the world’s largest Diversity & Inclusion solution catalogue, Diversio created a system designed to translate employee experience into measurable actions.

Deploy a four minute pulse survey to a representative sample of employees

Analyze your organization’s data and determine whether you qualify for certification

Identify the most pressing areas for improvement to help you focus resources

Use predictive analytics to recommend the best programs and solutions to level up

Track progress and impact on business performance for ongoing improvement