2023 is the year to level up your professional development and expand your skills in advanced strategic and business analysis. More and more HR leaders are called upon to tackle complex business issues facing companies today and looming on the horizon. Now is the perfect time to equip yourself with the ability to assess multi-dimensional organizational hurdles and potential.

To optimize organizational performance and as a key business function, HR professionals like yourself need evidence-informed best practices when it comes to addressing the needs of your company and employees – tools and techniques that can effectively examine and diagnose issues and that are proven to work across all industry sectors are the need of the hour.

The demands placed on HR professionals include being able to adapt to current HR needs in terms of policies and program development. As executives look to the HR function for targeted, research-driven decision-making, the need for quality data that shapes people practices and informs business decisions has never been greater. To be able to effectively intervene in these areas and aid their decision-making, business leaders must also be ready to analyze insights in order to make recommendations that are truly impactful for organizations.

To address this very gap, HRPA’s executive forum on Speaking the Same Language: Elevating HR’s Contribution to the Business is geared specifically towards senior executives and HR leaders. Happening in-person on January 31, this exclusive, by-invitation session will provide attendees with the opportunity to discuss business influence and negotiation on a strategic, executive level. This will be the platform to openly voice concerns, share experiences, discuss best practices and solutions, and explore and develop strategies to tackle the most pertinent areas in the world of work, all right alongside your peers.

If you’re interested in attending, please complete this survey. Approved submissions will then receive a link to register. Completing this registration is necessary to guarantee participation. If you think this opportunity will be well-suited to a colleague, kindly send them this survey link to be considered for an invitation to attend.

Attendees can expect to learn about practical, applicable and comprehensive ways that their teams can become a strategic partner that brings advanced skills in business analysis. Space is limited, so apply early!