2024 is upon us, and HRPA is thrilled to bring you a thrilling and diverse array of learning opportunities that promise to redefine your professional journey. Get ready for a year filled with high quality professional development and unparalleled career opportunities as we present a series of conferences that cater to your evolving needs. 

Micro-Conferences: A Deep Dive into HR Excellence 

First and foremost, we are introducing three virtual micro-conferences that will be FREE for HRPA members. These events will offer a total of 12 CPD hours, enriching your skill set and knowledge base. To ensure that you receive maximum value from your membership, we are committed to providing actionable insights at these learning events.  

Key Dates and Themes: 

  • February 29: Explore the intricacies of Bill 79, the Working for Workers Act. Registration is now open – learn more here
  • April 11: Delve into discussions surrounding special accommodations, including the nuanced topic of medicinal cannabis use in the workplace. Registration details and a comprehensive agenda will be launched in mid-February. 
  • September 24: Gear up for a deep dive into IDEA, focusing on evidence-based and data-informed discussions to transform your organization’s practices. Registration and preliminary programming details will be announced in mid-February. 

These micro-conferences are prime opportunities to connect, learn and grow within a community of like-minded professionals. As HR professionals, your investment in an HRPA membership is invaluable to us, and these micro-conferences are our way of giving back with insightful content at no additional cost. 

HR Law Conference: Now Happening in Spring 

Mark your calendars for a notable shift in the long-standing and always relevant annual HR Law Conference! Breaking away from tradition, the 32nd edition will take place on May 29, 2024, ushering in the spring season with renewed energy and excitement. This hybrid event will continue to provide top-notch insights from legal experts, but with a twist – more opportunities for in-person participation that foster deeper connections and discussions. 

What to Expect at the HR Law Conference? 

  • Insights Galore: Legal experts will unravel the complexities of the evolving HR law landscape, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Hybrid Experience: Embrace the flexibility of a hybrid event, with both virtual and in-person participation options, providing you with the freedom to choose your preferred experience. 
  • Enhanced Networking: Connect with a broader network of peers and partners, amplifying the collaborative spirit of the HRPA community. 

The HR Law Conference is poised to be a highlight of 2024, offering a unique blend of legal expertise, networking opportunities, and a fresh perspective on HR challenges. Stay tuned for registration details to be announced by the end of February. 

HRPA Summit: New and Improved! 

For the second consecutive year, HRPA is set to host its signature event, the HRPA Summit, with a series of refreshing changes. Scheduled for November 28, 2024, the HR Summit promises an experience like never before. 

What’s New at the HR Summit? 

  • More In-Person Participation: Immerse yourself in the energy of live discussions, workshops and networking opportunities, enhancing the overall attendee experience. 
  • Satellite Locations: Beyond Toronto, you can choose to attend in-person at one of three satellite locations (cities to be announced), bringing the HR Summit closer to you, wherever in Ontario you may be. 
  • Expert Insights: Dive deep into trending HR issues with industry thought leaders sharing their knowledge and providing valuable takeaways for your professional journey. 

Stay tuned for full details and registration information, set to be unveiled by the end of February. This event promises to offer an incredible value proposition and is well-poised to be a highlight of the HRPA events calendar. 

Stay Connected: Your Journey Begins Here! 

As we gear up for an exciting year ahead, keep up with the latest updates and programming announcements on our dedicated Conferences page.  

In 2024, join us and partake in a transformative experience that elevates HR and shapes its future. Get ready to ignite your passion, connect with industry leaders, and amplify your professional successes. The stage is set, the excitement is palpable – let HRPA’s professional development events be your gateway to a year of unparalleled growth and success!