“Looking to the Past and Carving a New Path Forward in HR Law” is an apt theme for the 30th Anniversary of the Annual HR Law Conference. Engaging HR professionals who are keen to stay abreast of the latest changes in the world of HR law, this conference will equip you with practical tools and comprehensive strategies to make your mark in today’s dynamic world of work.

Human Rights, Equity and Restorative Work

As we mark the 30th anniversary of this conference, the focus is on current legislative requirements and changes on the horizon that will impact HR functions across organizations. From looking back at the evolution of HR law to closely examining contemporary trends and predications, this two half-day conference will tackle the topics that matter most to HR generalists, specialists, managers and directors.

HR experts will take a deep dive into how human rights as a concept has changed and expanded over the years. Based on the premise that all humans deserve respect, equality, dignity, fairness and to be free from discrimination, session facilitators will analyze how sexual harassment and racism factor into human rights at work, considering legislation such as Bill 88 and the Right to Disconnect.

Conference speakers will also examine the power dynamics in restorative process at work and will expand on how equitable principles inform workplace practices when it comes to conflict resolution. These conversations emphasize the overarching frameworks that support HR professionals in centering equity in their work, and devise driving solutions that not only repair but also enhance workplace relationships.

Workplace Investigations, Terminations and Constructive Dismissals

As workplace investigations have come into the limelight as an HR function, it has become even more crucial that HR professionals conduct them ethically and in full compliance with legal and organizational requirements. Conference attendees will learn how to steer difficult investigations and about ways to determine who leads an investigation, while still maintaining rapport with stakeholders. This includes looking at the complex nuances and risks within workplace and examining how risks can be mitigated.

With terminations being another key responsibility of HR leaders, this conference will put forth best practices that you can implement in your organization. It will address the multiple facets of terminations, including severance entitlement, the use of just cause, post-termination compensation as well as the provisions noted in an Employee Agreement. These will be analyzed through the lens of the Employment Standards Act, with a view to reducing risk factors for all parties involved.

In a similar vein, event participants will also engage in discussions about one of the most common claims employees make against employers – constructive dismissals. By undertaking case studies that speak to IDEL (Infectious Disease Emergency Leave), event participants will learn more about constructive dismissals in Ontario and will equip themselves with effective strategies to reduce their prevalence and to expertly tackle such claims when they do arise.

These elements are just a snapshot into the wide variety of topics that the 2022 Annual HR Law Conference addresses. Featuring an up close and personal fireside chat, an interactive live-action debate, engaging panel discussions, and an open forum ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, this event welcomes all of Ontario’s HR professionals to attend, reflect on the challenges they are facing and learn from seasoned experts on HR law.

Check out the complete conference agenda, speaker line-up and sign up here, to join 300+ of your fellow HR professionals at this must-attend event.