The security and confidentiality of our member’s information is a top priority. We monitor our network and information technology systems for attacks and intrusions on a continuous basis, yet there was still a recent incident that resulted in limited access to certain personal information in our possession.

The HRPA took immediate steps upon learning of this incident, added additional layers of security, and conducted a full forensic investigation. We have communicated directly to the small number of members affected, and more broadly to the email addresses part of the incident, however it reminds us all about information security best practices:

  • Make sure your passwords are strong and not easy to guess. Some use their membership # as password and this should be changed.
  • Be vigilant when receiving emails requesting personal information. If in doubt, verify legitimacy from the sender.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this incident, please contact us at our dedicated hotline: 1-877-416-2116.