When we get together in person, there is a kind of electricity in the air; an energy that is felt but difficult to describe. For many, these inspiring and shared experiences add fuel to our purpose and passion. This is what the HR Summit promises to bring to the HR community. Slated for May 16 and 17, the 2023 HR Summit will be the HRPA’s biggest event of the year. With limited tickets available, this event provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to connect in person with the movers and shakers in the world of HR and learn about the latest innovations in the field. Bringing together hundreds of HR professionals across various industries, this event is one you don’t want to miss!

In recent years, HR has worked hard and with laser focus on taking care of their organizations and, importantly, the people who work there – oftentimes at their own expense. Now is the time for HR to pause, take a breath, and get ready to lean in even further as we continue to take the lead in our businesses.

Themed “At the Helm: Rewriting the HR Playbook” this highly anticipated live and in-person conference will focus on how HR professionals can optimize their role as strategic business partners in order to foster innovative cultures and solution-seeking organizational cultures. As pioneers in talent, culture and psychological wellness, HR leaders play a key role in positioning their companies for success. To actualize their potential, HR teams need to implement effective, practical and evidence-based solutions for today’s most pressing organizational needs. In turn, this cultivates a purpose-driven form of HR, which empowers employees and enables organizations to pivot and stay relevant amidst the changing landscape of work.

With this in mind, the HR Summit will bring together leading experts who will engage in in-depth conversations about emerging HR issues. Attendees can expect to benefit from high-quality learning and networking opportunities with a highly engaged audience of decision-makers in the HR and business community.

What Can You Expect at the HR Summit?

Chock-full of expert forums, panel discussions, keynote addresses and an exclusive workshop, this event is your one-stop shop for key HR insights and for building your professional network in person. Below are some of our show-stopper sessions that you would want to attend:

On Day 1 (May 16)
Straight Talk Sessions:

Event host and recognized thought leader in HR, Laura Williams, will facilitate panel conversations on pertinent topics and upcoming HR trends. Here, a wide array of industry experts will share solutions for managing talent and company culture, dismantling toxic work environments, enhancing psychological wellness and improving financial literacy. Panelists will explore the current labour market, skills gaps, workforce demographics in terms of age and diversity of experiences, and other factors impacting talent recruitment and retention. Participants will also hear about the challenges as well as best practices in strengthening equity, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Keynote Session on The Tallest Poppy, by Dr. Rumeet Billan:

This heavy-hitting keynote will inspire you to tackle head-on the ways in which the Tall Poppy Syndrome negatively affects employees and organizations at the individual as well as collective levels. Delivered by Dr. Rumeet Billan, an award-winning, internationally recognized entrepreneur, learning architect, author and humanitarian, this session will re-ignite your passion and spark new ideas for making your workplaces better for all.

On Day 2 (May 17)

But wait – Day 2 of the HR Summit has even more to offer!

Spotlight – Keynote Session by Jann Arden:

Our Day 2 keynote speaker is none other than the esteemed multi-platinum, award-winning singer, songwriter, actor and author, Jann Arden! Arden will share what is sure to be a rousing and dynamic message that will leave you inspired and energized.

At the Helm: A Deep Dive Workshop:

This intimate, customized workshop, also led by Laura Williams, will guide participants towards applying learnings from Day 1 and using these takeaways to devise creative solutions for their organizations.

Ask the Experts:

This open forum session is your chance to have your most urgent questions and top-most HR concerns addressed by an exceptional line-up of experts.

Members’ Spotlight:

Central to professional development is staying abreast of the newest developments in HR, including what strategies your peers are implementing. This session will feature select HRPA members who will delve into tried and tested best practices for a range of HR issues.

Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it! To present your solutions and expertise as a featured speaker in a 12-minute presentation during this Members’ Spotlight, apply here

These are just some of the many engaging sessions, influential speakers and enlightening discussions awaiting you at the HR Summit.

But wait, there’s more. Puppies, you say? 

Rest assured, it’s not all work and no play! For starters, the Mix and Mingle networking reception is your chance to broaden your connections in HR and build professional relationships. Plus, it’s no secret that playing with dogs can help reduce stress levels – who doesn’t love that? This is exactly why we are excited to have Sunshine Therapy Dogs on site at the summit for some light-hearted, canine fun!

 Register now to save your spot at what promises to be the HR event of the year!