In today’s diverse workplaces, fostering an environment where every individual feels valued and respected is paramount. At the forefront of this mission lies the duty to accommodate, a legal and moral obligation for employers to ensure equitable treatment and accessibility for all employees. Recognizing the importance of this topic, HRPA presents “Unpacking the Duty to Accommodate: Building Inclusive Spaces,” our next virtual micro-conference scheduled for April 11. 

Workplace accommodations are about far more than legal requirements; they’re about creating an atmosphere where individuals can thrive and prosper. The Ontario Human Rights Code underscores this very principle, emphasizing equal treatment in employment without discrimination or harassment across various protected grounds. Yet, for many employers and HR professionals, navigating accommodation requests can be challenging. From understanding where to begin to proactively identifying barriers, there’s a great need for clarity and guidance on this front. 

What Can You Expect at this Micro-Conference? 

We’re excited to share that Lorin MacDonald, an esteemed Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) practitioner and human rights lawyer will be hosting this enlightening event. Lorin’s expertise, coupled with her lived experience of profound hearing loss, ensures a nuanced exploration of accommodation practices. With a focus on a human rights framework, attendees will gain practical insights into addressing individualized accommodation needs with empathy and effectiveness. 

Another highlight of the conference is the session on “Uncomfortable Workplace Conversations.” Here, a panel of legal and HR experts will dissect pivotal cases, providing valuable perspectives on navigating sensitive discussions surrounding accommodation issues. From legal nuances to practical tips, attendees will be equipped with the tools needed to foster organizational growth while upholding inclusivity. 

Overall, the conference sessions will delve into a spectrum of workplace operational challenges, including gender-neutral facilities, medical marijuana usage, and the impact of domestic violence in the workplace. These discussions will also incorporate organizational considerations such as adapting performance evaluations and reviews, ensuring that every aspect of the employment experience is inclusive and accommodating. 

Why Should You Attend? 

By attending this micro-conference, participants will obtain a comprehensive understanding of managing and implementing workplace accommodations. From recognizing systemic barriers to mastering every stage of the accommodation process, attendees will emerge with the skills needed to create more inclusive and accessible workplaces. 

Moreover, investing in professional development through events like these is essential for HR practitioners. Staying abreast of the latest trends, legal requirements, and best practices not only enhances your value to your organization but also helps advance your career. By registering for this micro-conference, attendees signal their commitment to personal and organizational growth in fostering inclusive workplaces. 

Whether you’re an HR Manager or HR Director driving strategy, ensuring legal compliance and championing human rights protections, or an HR Recruitment Specialist, Business Partner, or Tech Specialist seeking clarity on legal rights and responsibilities, this event is for you. This micro-conference is also geared towards Organizational Development (OD) professional shaping OD strategies and programs within their organization as well as HR professionals navigating physical and psychological safety, change management and IDEA implementation. Additionally, non-HR professionals overseeing workplaces or employee issues, as well as other professionals like employment lawyers, EDI professionals and Health and Safety professional in need of legal awareness and compliance insights will also find valuable content at this micro-conference. 

In conclusion, HRPA’s virtual micro-conference on “Unpacking the Duty to Accommodate: Building Inclusive Spaces” offers a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of accommodation practices, guided by experts in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or just beginning your journey in fostering workplace inclusivity, this event promises invaluable insights and practical strategies for navigating the duty to accommodate. Join us on April 11 and take the next step towards building truly inclusive spaces where every individual can thrive.