This October, discover valuable insights from leading experts in the field of HR law and workplace issues.  

In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s crucial for HR practitioners to stay informed about the latest legal developments and industry trends. While the core HR law issues remain, their ever-evolving interpretations and nuances demand adaptability from HR professionals within their workplaces.  With this in mind, HRPA’s 2023 Annual HR Law Conference, with its diverse and insightful agenda, offers a unique opportunity for HR leaders to explore the themes that will shape the future of HR. This conference is your opportunity to learn from seasoned experts who can guide you through the most prominent challenges facing the HR industry. 

Why Attend the HR Law Conference? 

Happening October 18, attendees can choose to attend in person or virtually. Whichever option you choose, here is what you can expect to learn at this event: 

  • The Shifting Landscape of Employment Law: One of the central themes of this year’s HRPA conference is the rapidly changing landscape of employment law and the new challenges and opportunities it presents. Legal experts and thought leaders will shed light on how to navigate this evolving terrain, ensuring that organizations remain compliant while also fostering a flexible and inclusive work environment. 
  • Key HR Challenges: This event offers a fresh perspective on common employment law requirements, ensuring your knowledge stays current and comprehensive. Topics covered will include termination clauses, employee contracts, just causes, damages, wrongful dismissals, and new ESA regulations. 
  • Alternatives to Costly Litigations: Litigations are not only expensive and time-consuming but also emotionally draining. Discover effective alternatives like mediation and arbitration that prioritize mutual resolutions to disputes. 
  • Workplace Equity: Gain a deeper understanding of power dynamics and restorative approaches that can strengthen, repair and stabilize your workplace. These equity-informed solutions provide the foundation for resolving conflicts effectively.  
  • Complex Human Rights Issues: Delve into nuanced discussions surrounding human rights, encompassing gender identity, invisible disabilities, accessibility, and immigration/refugee hiring practices. Explore how intersectionality influences social structures, shaping experiences of discrimination and privilege. 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become paramount concerns in the workplace. HR professionals must not only understand the legal aspects of DEI but also champion these values within their organizations. Reflecting the significance of centering human rights in and beyond the workplace, conference attendees will walk away with the tools and insights necessary to create diverse and inclusive workplaces that drive innovation and foster employee engagement. 
  • Ethical Considerations in HR: As HR professionals wield considerable influence over the lives of employees, ethical considerations are paramount. The conference will delve into the ethical dilemmas HR leaders may encounter and under the guidance of expert speakers, attendees will polish their ability to engage in ethical decision-making and build a culture of integrity within HR departments. 
  • Open Forum: This highly anticipated panel discussion features experts ready to address your legal questions and tackle prominent challenges in employment law. Get the answers you need in this interactive forum. 

All in all, HR professionals play a pivotal role in shaping the future of work, and the HRPA’s 2023 Annual HR Law Conference offers an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead in this dynamic field. With its rich agenda covering diverse themes, attendees will gain the insights and strategies needed to navigate the evolving HR landscape successfully. 

As we step into the future of work, one thing is clear: HR leaders need to constantly upskill to remain well-equipped to guide their organizations toward success by cultivating inclusive, innovative, and ethically driven workplaces that thrive in an ever-changing world. So, mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey of knowledge, networking, and inspiration at HRPA’s 2023 Annual HR Law Conference.