Every person who becomes an HRPA member or student member has a story to tell. So, in our 2021 Annual Report, we asked some of our members to share their inspiring stories with us. Meet Kaddeem Williams, HRPA student member – and find out how he kick-started a rewarding career in HR:

Following a professor’s advice in 2020 brought Kaddeem Williams through the door of HRPA and onto a fast track to achieving his goal of a meaningful career in HR. Kaddeem was navigating a career change and searching for information on obtaining his HR designation when the professor in his graduate certificate program recommended joining HRPA.

“I want to be the best HR professional I can be in order to support others in thriving, succeeding and actualizing their potential in the workplace,” Kaddeem shares. “To do so, learning from different people and their experiences is important.”

Clearing the Way

Kaddeem has found HRPA members have regular opportunities to “get sound advice from senior HR professionals, work towards adding a designation to their title and become more competitive in the job market.” He points to HRPA mentors’ guidance about designation and career advancement and planning his academic journey as a notable example.

“In November 2021, I matched with a mentor through HRPA’s mentorship program, who has been very supportive. We have been meeting every month to talk about HR trends and explore possible career trajectories in HR.”