With pre- and post-pandemic challenges, there is a balancing act of tackling what is immediately on the horizon, thinking about how to build resilient workplaces and workforces, and anticipating what future risks lie ahead. As we chart this unexplored territory, it is even more important to gain knowledge and insight from experts that get you asking the right questions and on track for what the future holds.

To help HR professionals and business leaders ensure their organizations are best positioned to wade through today’s murky waters, the Human Resources Professionals Association is pleased to introduce the HRPA 2021 Fall Conference.

Taking place online from November 16 – 18, 2021, the conference is centred around the theme “Ready, Set, Go: Overcoming Challenges and Moving Forward with Confidence and Resilience.”

  • Ready: On the Horizon: The conference will delve into the phenomenon called “The Great Resignation,” the conundrum of laws applicable to workplaces and tools to facilitate a smooth re-entry into the physical workplace while accounting for possible disruptions, such as emerging variants of the COVID-19 virus, potential spikes in cases and other risks.
  • Set: Building Resilient Organizations and Workforces: Session speakers will address workforce agility and the role this plays in ensuring organizational success. Topics explored will include tools to foster a culture of belonging in hybrid environments, designing high-functioning teams, and keeping mental health at the forefront.
  • Go: The Long Road Ahead: Conference attendees can expect to learn from leading experts about preparing for the future and tackling pressing workplace issues, including the long-term impact of COVID-19. The sessions will address how HR professionals can help unlock human potential by managing disability, building diverse workforces, recruiting and retaining talent, and fostering safe and compliant workplaces.

Over the course of three half-days, this conference will bring together speakers and HR community members to discuss relevant topics like talent upskilling, policy development, occupational health and safety, and risk mitigation. Subject matter experts will also take a deep dive into navigating vaccinations, hybrid work and organizational culture evolvement, while foregrounding human rights and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion considerations.

Registrants will hear from seasoned HR leaders in an exciting roster of fireside chats, keynote presentations, panel discussions, masterclasses, concurrent and breakout sessions that cater to the topics they’re most interested in. The conference will also feature community roundtables for attendees to collaborate with and learn from other HR professionals facing similar workplace challenges. Conference recordings will be available to participants after the event, to allow them to rewatch sessions and gain Continuing Professional Development hours.

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To register for the conference, view the full agenda and speaker lineup visit the HRPA 2021 Fall Conference.