Pride Month is recognized every June as a time to celebrate the diversity of LGBTQ2+ communities, which includes individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit, in addition to other gender identities and sexual orientations.

Triggered by the Stonewall Riots in Manhattan and Canada’s decriminalization of homosexuality in June 1969, activists organized the first Pride march in June 1970 as a way to celebrate gay culture and demonstrate for equal rights.

Ever since, Pride Month has been annually commemorated around the world – and while some substantial strides have been made for LGBTQ2+ communities throughout the years, there are still many hurdles to overcome.

  • According to the Trans PULSE survey conducted by Toronto’s Sherbourne Health Centre, about half of transgender people are living on less than $15,000 a year, even though about 71% of them have some level of post-secondary education.
  • 30% of LGBTQ employees in Canada reported feeling discrimination in the workplace compared to 3% of non-LGBTQ employees, according to the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Research by Statistics Canada shows that transgender Canadians were more likely to report their mental health as poor compared to their cisgender counterparts.

For the HRPA the focus is on empowering HR leaders to create safer and more inclusive workplaces that support everyone regardless of gender expression, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

Through extensive research we know that diversity breeds success. The most successful employers allow their people to show up as their most authentic selves.

The HRPA is committed to helping HR leaders celebrate LGBTQ2+ employees. We will continue to address the struggles being faced by LGBTQ2+ Canadians on the job and provide the resources for HR professionals to ensure all employees and job seekers are given equitable treatment and unbiased access to grow and thrive in the workplace.

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