When the average member thinks about finding a new HR role, their mind immediately goes to Hire Authority and for good reason: it’s the leading job board for HR professionals in Ontario. Just this year alone, Hire Authority featured over 1,500 new job opportunities from more than 1,000 employers. And on a monthly basis there are more than 100 new jobs posted on the website.

Whether you’re looking to kick-start your career or considering a new challenge, knowing how to maximize this member-exclusive resource is worthwhile (especially given the wealth of career growth opportunities available throughout the year).

Below are four steps for optimizing your Hire Authority and job-hunting experience:

  1. Login to HRPA

One of the many benefits of becoming a member is exclusive access to Hire Authority, so start off by signing into the Hire Authority account using the same login details you use for the HRPA website. From there, fill out your profile details including your personal summary.

  1. Upload a Current Resume

This may seem like a given, but there are still a number of people who don’t upload a resume that truly represents their skills and experience.

So before uploading your resume to Hire Authority, make sure it’s tailored to your goals and includes experiences that are relevant to where you want your career to go.

Under each position you list on your resume, you can also add bullet points expressing what you’ve accomplished in the role. Don’t forget to use keywords in your resume to boost your chances of getting matched with the right employers too.

Check out our blog post on 5 Ways Your HR Resume Should Change Post-COVID for some bonus resume tips. Better yet, when you upload your resume on Hire Authority take advantage of a free resume review from TopResume.

Once your resume is refreshed and it showcases what you can deliver, create a shortlist of the top jobs you’re interested in applying for. To stay on track, regularly view the history of your submitted applications under the “Your Jobs” tab.

  1. Turn on Job Alerts

Simplify your job search by enabling the job alerts feature located at the top of the Hire Authority webpage.

First, determine what types of jobs you want to be informed about by setting your criteria (i.e. type of role, salary range, preferred job title, etc.). Then once you turn on your job alerts, you’ll automatically be notified by email when the most suitable career opportunities are available.

The best part? You can choose how often you want to receive these notifications, whether that’s on a daily or weekly basis.

  1. Stay in the Know

Finally, improve your chances of landing that coveted position by subscribing to the Hire Authority newsletter. This weekly publication covers the latest job postings (you may have missed) and career-related events for members and students at all stages of the job process.

We also feature the insightful HR news and career advice in our newsletter and on Hire Authority, so you’re always prepared to apply to a new role or take part in an interview when the opportunity comes up.

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