The 2023 Fall Conference features two events taking place over two days, November 27 and 28 and it promises to be an enlightening journey into the technological advancements in HR. This year’s event will kick off with an exclusive, by invite only executive event on November 27. Bringing together select C-suite and executive HR leaders, this in-person event is the ideal platform to discuss the latest executive-level trends at the intersection of HR and technology.

Then, on November 28, attendees will gather virtually to explore the practical applications of emerging technology in HR. From the integration of cutting-edge technology to the human-centric approach in hiring, this conference is poised to be a hub of knowledge and innovation for HR professionals and business leaders. As a sneak peek, here are the themes that will shape the discussions and experiences at the event. 

Augmented Human and Technological Evolution 

Augmented Reality is no longer a distant, futuristic concept; it’s a rapidly growing industry with real-world clout. It’s about more than just cool gadgets – it’s reshaping the way we interact with the world around us. With that in mind, the Fall Conference invites attendees to delve into the fascinating concept of an augmented human in the context of our rapidly evolving technological landscape. Join us as we undertake an immersive journey into the significance of Augmented Reality (AR) and its seamless integration into our daily lives.  

This also underscores the need for HR professionals to adapt to technological shifts. AR is just one example of how technology is changing the game, and HR practitioners need to explore new possibilities. They must consider how these technological advancements impact recruitment, training, employee engagement, and more. The future of HR will undoubtedly be shaped by these innovations. So, the Fall Conference is geared towards providing attendees with the insights and understanding they need to stay at the forefront of this transformative wave. 

HR Technology Optimization and Data Privacy

The Fall Conference is all about harnessing technology to optimize HR practices. HR technology is no longer limited to mere administrative tasks. It encompasses a wide array of functions, from recruitment and talent management to employee engagement and data analytics. To maximize these tools’ potential, attendees will learn to explore the features and capabilities of various HR software solutions.  

In addition to the technology-driven optimization of HR, speakers at the Fall Conference will also address the paramount importance of data privacy and cybersecurity. With data breaches and cybersecurity threats on the rise, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. This session goes further, highlighting the legal and security aspects of HR technology. Attendees will gain valuable insights into recent developments in privacy laws, cybersecurity threats, and best practices for protecting their organizations and employees. Compliance with legal requirements is no longer an option; it’s an imperative in an increasingly digital world. 

Human-Centric Hiring, Inclusion, and Innovation 

The Fall Conference will also examine the core values of human-centric hiring, inclusion, and innovation in HR practices. Human-centric hiring is more than just a buzzword; it’s a philosophy that places the well-being of candidates and employees at the forefront of the hiring process. Such an orientation can offer invaluable insights into how organizations prioritize the ‘whole human,’ recognizing that individuals are more than just their skills and qualifications. Attendees will discover the numerous benefits of this approach and how it has the potential to redefine HR practices. This also reiterates the growing importance of empathy, humanity, and personal well-being in HR. 

Additionally, human-centric perspectives focus on creating a culture of innovation within organizations. The driving force behind progress and success, innovation often faces obstacles such as bureaucracy, politics and low employee engagement. To mitigate these drawbacks, we need strategies for unlocking the innovative potential within organizations, fostering a culture of creativity and experimentation. We also understand that the objective is to not replace human efforts and oversight with technology, rather to cohesively blend these progressions into the workplace in a seamless fashion. To facilitate this, attendees will explore how to align innovation with an organization’s values and goals to foster growth and success. 

Altogether, these themes, collectively, offer a comprehensive and forward-looking view of the future of HR, ensuring that HR professionals are well-prepared to navigate the dynamic challenges and opportunities in the field.  

To sum up, the 2023 Fall Conference‘s diverse themes encompass the changing landscape of HR, from the integration of cutting-edge technology to innovative approaches in hiring, privacy and cybersecurity, and the importance of diversity and inclusion. To get your invitation to the in-person executive event on November 27, please complete this form. To attend the all-access virtual event on November 28, register here.