HRPA is thrilled to announce the 2023-2024 Student Ambassadors! Student Ambassadors, in this program, will help connect HR students in Ontario post-secondary schools with the HRPA, including our HR-related opportunities and resources.

Our Student Ambassadors (who are also current HR students) are passionate about sharing their experiences, providing advice and offering guidance to other HR students and HRPA student members. Read on to learn more about where they're from, what they're studying, why they decided to pursue HR and/or why they chose to become an HRPA student rep.

Jaclyn Tebow, Mohawk College
Hello, my name is Jaclyn and I am thrilled to be the Student Ambassador for Mohawk College! I am currently enrolled in the Business Administration - Human Resources program in Hamilton. I became an HRPA Student Ambassador so that I could create a link between my fellow students and the opportunities the HRPA has to offer for professional growth and skill development. I am excited to take part in events, be present at different conferences, learn new things at seminars, and network with professionals in this industry. Since becoming a member of the HRPA, I have seen the many different pathways that one can take to excel in this profession and this has given me direction in my own journey as well as a passion to inform and support other students in their journey.

Vivian La, Wilfrid Laurier University
Hi everyone! My name is Vivian La and I am a fourth year student in the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program with co-op at Wilfrid Laurier University. I chose to become a Student Ambassador for HRPA because of my passion and love for Human Resources. As a Student Ambassador, I am able to gain leadership opportunities while meeting other students from different institutions with the same passion for HR. Connecting with other students and professionals within the field allows me to build a professional network for my personal career goals, as well as my Human Resources club at Laurier (HRL). HRPA has many useful resources that can advance and assist me with my career development - a few of my favorites are the different communities, mentorship programs, and career fairs! My advice for anyone interested in joining the HRPA would definitely be to take advantage of all these wonderful resources.

Cassidy Kack, Trent University
Hello! My name is Cassidy, and I am in my fourth-year of the Honors Bachelor of Business Administration Undergraduate program at Trent University with a specialization in Human Resources. I always knew that I wanted to do something in life that helps people, but was still not certain in what area. This is when I decided HR is the field I want to work in. I joined this HRPA program because I want to involve myself in as many networking, education, and leadership rich activities as possible. I think being the HRPA Student Ambassador will offer me a chance to continue developing my leadership and communication skills. This position will allow me access to a variety of learning experiences, and resources that I can then pass on to my fellow peers. I hope I can be the voice that will inspire more students to want to get involved, or want to take a more active role in representing their school in other ways.

Qirong (William) Han, University of Toronto
Hi! My name is William, a third year Honours Bachelor of Science student in Psychology and Industrial Relations and Human Resources at University of Toronto (St. George Campus). I am from Harbin, a city in the North of China, and lived in Singapore for around 10 years before moving to Canada for University. I chose to become an HRPA Student Ambassador to connect with peers of similar interests, and to deepen my understanding of the field of HR in order to develop professionally. Currently, I am also the founder and president of the Mangement and Psychology Association at University of Toronto Mississauga. It's an honour to serve as a link for students at University of Toronto Mississauga and the HRPA, and am looking forward to this opportunity with great eagerness and anticipation!

Marissa Burgess, Lambton College
Hello there! I'm Marissa. With more than 3 years of experience in student leadership roles, I'm passionate about helping and guiding people to the information they need. I'm also a dedicated student and professional with a talent for discerning needs, solving problems, and fostering meaningful relationships. Currently, I am in the final year of my post-graduate certificate program in Human Resource Management at Lambton College. I actively pursued the role of an HRPA Student Ambassador not only to gain access to valuable networking opportunities and current industry resources but to also fulfill my passion for people empowerment. As someone who thrives in a growth-oriented environment, I avidly seek knowledge and aspire to assist others in reaching their full potential. Let's network and continue growing together to navigate the HR landscape through HRPA!

Taylor Tetlock, Lakehead University
Hello everyone! My name is Taylor, and I am pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations at Lakehead University. I chose to become an HRPA Student Ambassador for various reasons. First, I would like to get my foot in the door with professionals in the HR industry. I am also excited to diversify my network and have the ability to work with like-minded individuals. In my second year of university, I took an organizational behaviour class, which sparked my interest in how people interact in the workplace. I am beyond excited to work with the HRPA and take advantage of all the Association has to offer, including volunteer opportunities, networking events, and meetings.

Chima Onwumere, Niagara College
Hello everyone! I'm Chima, currently enrolled in the post-graduate certificate Program in Human Resources Management at Niagara College, Toronto. With three years of professional experience in the HR field, I chose to become an HRPA Student Ambassador because I believe in the transformative power of HR in shaping organizations and careers, and I'm eager to help my peers navigate the dynamic HR landscape. My experience with HRPA has significantly impacted my professional growth, providing valuable resources and networking opportunities that have enriched both my student life and personal development. I'm excited to connect with fellow students and professionals, collaborating to further explore the world of HR through HRPA. Let's connect and grow together within the HR field!

Margie Acabado, Fanshawe College
Hi everyone! My name is Margie Acabado. I am in my second year at Fanshawe College. I chose to join HRPA because I worked as an Administrative Assistant for 14 years in my native country and want to continue what I started here in Canada. I attended some HRPA events this year, including the Regional Forum on September 19 and the Leveraging LinkedIn topic discussion on October 12. It was difficult for me because even though there were a lot of HR professionals at these events, I was too shy to network. Now I want to overcome this challenge by sharing my knowledge and learning from others as well. Above all, I want to expand my knowledge of the Human Resources sector by attending a variety of HRPA events, meeting a variety of people, and learning a variety of skills that would be utilized in my field of my specialization.

Assil Miri, Western University
I am in my fourth year at Kings at Western University, and I am pursuing a degree in Business and specializing in Human Resources. I chose to be a Student Ambassador for HRPA to connect more with students and the Human Resources community. HRPA will help you take the next step in your studies and career. I want to belong to an organization that supports its members. HRPA is ready to help out and mentor you through the mentorship program they offer. HRPA also provides you with events to expand your network and opportunities and help with your career development. This is my second year as the student ambassador, and I am excited to learn more and share with the students on campus.

Zahra Limkheda, Confederation College
Hello, I'm Zahra, and I am proud to serve as a Student Ambassador for HRPA here at Confederation College. As a student pursuing a career in human resources, I am eager to be an ambassador for HRPA to connect with fellow students, learn from experienced professionals, and help bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical HR skills. I want to actively support the growth and development of future HR leaders while fostering a sense of community within the field.

Patricia Mangalo, University of Ottawa
Hi there! I'm Patricia, currently pursuing a Master of Management with a specialization in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at the University of Ottawa. I'm delighted to serve as your University of Ottawa student link! Having previously earned my bachelor's degree at the University of Montreal in Labour and Industrial Relations, I decided to take on the role of HRPA Student Ambassador because I'm genuinely passionate about the dynamic and multidisciplinary realm of Human Resources. My academic and professional journey has led me to explore HR transformation and the exciting intersection of technology and talent transformation. As such, I find the opportunity to impact and build a student community resembling its members incredibly exciting. I believe in fostering the growth of brilliant minds within the industry, and HRPA provides the ideal platform to share this enthusiasm with fellow students. I'm thrilled to be part of HRPA's vibrant community and to continue exploring HR transformation while leaving a significant mark on the HR community with you.

Jayraj Shah, Algonquin College
Greetings! I am Jayraj Shah, an enthusiastic student currently pursuing a diversified academic journey at Algonquin College. With a background in Social Work and degree in Human Resources Management, I have cultivated a deep understanding of people and their needs. Currently, I am expanding my horizons with studies in Business Development and Sales, aiming to bridge the gap between the human aspect and the business side of organizations. I am also a CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) aspirant, driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact in the world of HR. As a Student Ambassador, my primary goal is to help my peers at Algonquin College become aware of and harness the incredible opportunities that HRPA provides. I believe that every student should have access to these resources, which can significantly enrich their educational and professional journey. In this role, I will also strive to bridge the gap between education and real-world application, providing guidance, insights, and support to my fellow students. Together, we can explore the wealth of opportunities available through HRPA and embark on a journey of growth and excellence in the field of Human Resources.

Meetali Goyal, York University
My name is Meetali Goyal. I am pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Digital and Content Marketing at York University, Toronto. I chose to become an HRPA Student Ambassador at HRPA because of the incredible opportunities it offers, such as engaging in community outreach, networking with HR professionals, and promoting HRPA initiatives. As an ambassador, I am enthusiastic about enhancing my leadership, communication, and organizational skills. This role not only enhances my professional growth but also provides exclusive access to resources and events, deepening my understanding of the Human Resources field. Moreover, I am excited about inspiring my peers, contributing to our communities, and playing a significant role in raising awareness about HRPA's mission and impact.

Kayla Clark, Centennial College
Hi everyone! My name is Kayla and I am currently taking a post-graduate certificate in Human Resource Management at Centennial College. I chose to be a student ambassador after the HRPA presentation at my school along with encouragement from my professor. Being a part of the HRPA has inspired me to create an HR club on campus with the assistance of my peers. I am excited to share my passion for HR with the other ambassadors and connect my campus as a whole with the HRPA and all of its amazing events. HRPA is like many other organizations: what you put into it is what you will get out. My advice to other students would be to show up to HRPA events and meet others who share your passion!

Devanshi Shah, Humber College
Hello, I'm Devanshi, currently in my co-op term, pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management at Humber College. With a natural affinity for connecting with people and a passion for fostering personal and professional growth, I embarked on my journey in HR. Becoming an HRPA Student Ambassador is my way of bridging the gap between students and our vibrant HR community. As an experienced HR professional and international student, I recognize the importance of networking, especially in a new country. My mission is two-fold: to enhance my own growth and assist fellow students in reaping the benefits of networking events and mentorship programs within this dynamic HR community. This role is a testament to my commitment to the HR field and my dedication to empowering others on their HR journey.

Andres Navarro, Georgian@ILAC
Hello, I'm Andres from Colombia! I'm enrolled in the Human Resources Management program at Georgian@ILAC. I hold a deep passion for HR, driven by a vision of leading positive change and shaping the future of this dynamic field. I decided to become an HRPA Student Ambassador to enhance my networking opportunities with HR professionals and to represent emerging voices in the field. I firmly believe that the future of HR is intertwined with embracing diversity, as it's not just about representing different backgrounds, but about leveraging these varied experiences to innovate and thrive. Through the HRPA, I've found a platform where I can both learn from and contribute to this evolving narrative, with hopes to foster collaboration and drive collective progress in the HR landscape.

Aditya Nair, Conestoga College
Greetings! I am excited to be a part of the HRPA student ambassador program, creating a lively environment for HR professionals and all students to facilitate networking opportunities and professional development. I am passionate about human resources and have a proven track record as a recruiter. I deepened my understanding of human resources through an extensive human resources program at Conestoga College. Let's build a supportive HR community together!

Maisarah Nassrudin, University of Toronto (St. George Campus)
Hello everyone! My name is Maisarah and I am in my final year double majoring in Industrial Relations Human Resources and Sociology, with a certificate of sustainability at the University of Toronto St George campus. I am from Malaysia and I chose to become the HRPA Student Ambassador as I am driven to foster positive change and want to promote sustainability within the HR field. This is the perfect platform to amplify my passion, share knowledge, and help shape the future of HR. The HRPA will not only enrich my student life but also turbocharge my professional journey, lighting up my career path with invaluable connections and insights. I also see it as an opportunity to be a beacon of inspiration for fellow students, guiding them toward a brighter and more fulfilling future in the field of HR. Together, we can create a supportive network where ideas are exchanged, questions are answered, and dreams are pursued. I aspire to make a meaningful impact, not only on the lives of my peers but also on the HR industry itself.

Isabella Cardillo, Durham College
I am in my third year of the Human Resource Business Administration Advanced Diploma program at Durham College. I chose to become an ambassador for the HRPA because I want to continue to grow the community of students who are passionate and dedicated to Human Resources like me at Durham College. The HRPA has helped me understand the importance of always staying connected through your career by networking but also how the continuation of learning can help me develop in my career. I can’t wait to help other Human Resource students expand their learning and share my passion for the field.

Robin Yoon, Western University
Hello everyone! My name is Robin, and I am in my fourth year at Western University pursuing a Bachelor in Management and Organizational Studies with an Honours Specialization in Human Resource Management. Becoming an HRPA Student Ambassador was a deliberate choice driven by my passion for Human Resources and my desire to immerse myself in the field. It's an opportunity to network extensively, connecting with HR professionals and fellow students, while learning crucial skills like communication and leadership. As an ambassador, I will contribute to the HRPA community by organizing events, sharing knowledge, and advocating for the significance of HR. Ultimately, it's a chance to make a meaningful impact by promoting the HR profession and being part of positive changes within the industry.

Chary Emeh, St. Lawrence College
I am Chary Emeh and I am a dynamic professional with 3+ years of experience in Customer Service. I am currently pursuing a Business/Human Resources College Diploma at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am a dedicated volunteer, and holds certifications in Essential Marketing Project (Shopify) and Digital Marketing (LinkedIn Learning). I am committed to making a positive impact as an HRPA Student Ambassador.

Saumya Dhiman, Seneca Polytechnic
Greetings! I'm Saumya Dhiman. Currently, I am enrolled in the HRM co-op program at Seneca Polytechnic. As I pursue my path as an aspiring Human Resources professional, I am excited to be an HRPA student ambassador. In this role, I act as a link between the college and HRPA. Choosing to be an HRPA Student Ambassador was a purposeful decision, motivated by the enticing possibilities it provides, such as networking with HR professionals, exposure to HRPA initiatives, and refining my professional skills along with contributing to the HR community by inspiring the current students/future members. Beyond my professional growth, this position opens doors to resources and events which help in the understanding of the Human Resources field even better. I look forward to the amazing opportunities this role presents!

Isaiah Collins, Western University
Greetings, my name is Isaiah Collins, and I have the pleasure of being the HRPA Student Ambassador for the University of Western Ontario. I am currently enrolled in a Duel-Program in Psychology, and in Organizational and Human Resources. I have the goal of becoming an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. Western University has a large population of business students however, only a small portion of them know about the HRPA. My goal is to nurture the students' connection to the HRPA, and to showcase the great opportunities that HRPA has available for its members. As I am preparing to write the CHRL exams, I hope to be able to create lasting resources that help students achieve their designation. I look forward to connecting with mentors and other Student Ambassadors.

Nancy Clairre Andoni Radjou, York University
Hi everyone! I am Nancy Clairre Andoni Radjou, currently pursuing a post degree certificate in Human Resource Management at York University. I chose to become an HRPA Student Ambassador because I want to connect with students and professionals, while also gaining valuable leadership experience. As a passionate learner, I am enthusiastic about the diverse opportunities that HRPA offers. I firmly believe that HRPA will shape my professional path, providing essential resources through mentorship programs and networking events. Being a Student Ambassador allows me to offer valuable insights to students about HRPA or HR-related inquiries. HRPA has opened doors to diverse learning experiences and resources, influencing my career aspirations. On a personal level, it would enhance my leadership skills, allowing me to inspire others and positively contribute to the HR community. In this role, I aspire to help create a vibrant community of HR enthusiasts, fostering connections, providing guidance, and empowering students.

Maryna Lesina, Laurentian University
Hello! My name is Maryna. I am a fourth-year student at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. This is my second year of being the HRPA Student Ambassador. I am very excited to be back! I love connecting with other students and contributing to building our community. Helping students connect with the HRPA, learn about upcoming events and opportunities is very important to me. I truly appreciate how this volunteer work gives access to networking and professional development opportunities. In the future I am interested in specializing in Labour Relations, and the HRPA provides a wide range of unmatched learning opportunities. Here, every student can find resources for their specific interest in HR, and I am happy to make a positive impact and help students find ways to access those resources.

Ambica Sharma, Brock University
Hi everyone! My name is Ambica Sharma and I am from India. I am currently enrolled at Brock University in a Masters Of Business Administration program in Human Resources. I am currently working with FedEx as a Total Rewards Specialist. I chose to become a Student Ambassador for HRPA because of my passion and love for Human Resources. As a Student Ambassador, I can take on leadership opportunities while meeting other students from different universities. Connecting with other students and professionals within the field allows me to build a strong network, beneficial for my professional and personal life.

Clare Ledgett, Queen's University
Hi! My name is Clare Ledgett and I am a third year Bachelor of Science Honours student in Psychology and Employment Relations at Queen’s University. As a driven student pursuing a career in human resources and organizational design, I was eager to become an HRPA Student Ambassador to connect with my peers and colleagues to discuss and grow our skills within this field. This program is an opportunity to foster meaningful discussions, share insights, and collectively enhance our skills in the dynamic realm of HR. Through this program, my goal is to cultivate a supportive community for Queen’s students who, like me, are committed to driving innovation and growth in the field of HR. With the help of HRPA, I aim to create a space where students can authentically apply and practice their HR education, empowering one another both academically and professionally. I look forward to seizing the opportunities that HRPA offers; building a diverse network, broadening my perspectives, and contributing to the collective growth of my community!

Zeba Ali, George Brown College
Hi everyone! My name is Zeba, and I am thrilled to be the Student Ambassador for George Brown College. Armed with a degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph, I expanded my horizons by teaching English abroad before finding my way to George Brown's postgraduate program in Human Resources Management. I am passionate about connecting with fellow students and professionals to share experiences and insights. As an ambassador, I am eager to bridge the gap between students and the wealth of opportunities HRPA provides for personal and professional growth. I hope to inspire students to take advantage of these opportunities, engage in events, and feel empowered and educated to make choices that best shape their careers and professional growth. I especially love all the networking opportunities, informative webinars for expanding knowledge, and the invaluable mentorship program HRPA offers its members. I firmly believe that students, in particular, can reap substantial benefits from these enriching opportunities. I am excited to be part of such an empowering organization and can not wait to learn, contribute, and share my passion for the field!

Teena Tyagi, Lambton College
Hello! My name is Teena Tyagi and I'm currently pursuing my postgraduate degree in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources at Lambton College, Toronto Campus. I have over 3 years of professional experience in staffing. I have volunteered as the HR Head at my college club, where I have had the opportunity to apply my skills in a hands-on environment and contribute to creating an inclusive community. I am honoured to be a part of the HRPA Student Ambassador program, a decision motivated by my genuine passion for human resources and a firm belief in the strength of community and collaboration. This program provides me a unique platform for me to deepen my understanding of HR, connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to the growth of a supportive community.

Maria Ballart, Sheridan College
Hey there! I'm Maria, currently enrolled in Sheridan’s Human Resources Management program, diving into my second term. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and two years of experience in HR, focusing on Recruitment and Selection, I'm fueled by a passion for learning. Joining HRPA as a Student Ambassador has opened doors to a valuable network of industry peers, providing insights and knowledge that go way beyond the classroom. It's also been a great way to get a head start in the Canadian professional landscape. I'm here to assist fellow students whenever needed. Always feel free to reach out on LinkedIn for advice or a chat. I also highly encourage everyone to join and not miss out on all the resources the HRPA offers—events, webinars, and networking opportunities—that shouldn't be missed. Let's make the most of them together!

Francis Osorio Soliman, Lambton College
Hello! I am a passionate HR professional and networking enthusiast committed to helping others. With a background in Customer Service, Human Resources, and Operations Management, I have versatile experience across Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Media & Technology. I possess extensive expertise in health and safety, unionized environments, recruitment, and development. Currently pursuing my CHRL certification, I excel in building connections and fostering client relationships through strong interpersonal skills and effective communication. As a postgraduate student in Business Management Human Resources at Lambton College, I blend academic knowledge with practical experience to drive efficient implementation processes. I am dedicated to empowering individuals through mentorship, training, and support, and believe in creating inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.