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Training & Professional Development Reimbursement Policy

Pregnancy & Parental Leave Top-Up Program Policy

AI Use in the Workplace

Health and Wellness Benefit Policy

The purpose of this document is to help your organization implement a flexible health and wellness benefit policy that reimburses employees for the cost of wellness programs and purchases that will serve their individual needs… Read More

Scent Free Workplace Policy

Implementing a Scent Free Policy is a step your organization can take towards creating an environment that is cognizant of these invisible hazards, and ensures your workplace is safe and comfortable for all employees and visitors. Read More

The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada

HRPA sponsored research about the evolution of mental health strategies in the workplace. Read More

Apprenticeship Reform: Ontario’s future depends on it

HRPA makes a series of recommendations for reforming Ontario’s College of Trades and promoting skilled trades careers among young Ontarians. Read More

Closing the Gender Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is a real and substantial issue facing the Ontario economy. Read More

Strengthening Ontario’s Workforce for the Jobs of Tomorrow

HRPA produced this research report with 21 recommendations to help strengthen Ontario’s workforce, and better plan for a brighter future.​… Read More

Clearing the Haze – The Impacts of Marijuana in the Workplace

While adult cannabis use is not a new issue, employers are concerned about how the legalization and subsequent increased use will affect the workplace. Read More