After successful completion of the CHRP Employment Law Exam or CHRL Employment Law Exam, the final requirement in the CHRP designation process is the Job Ready Program

The purpose of the Job Ready Program is to assist registrants with the transition into the workplace including training around professionalism and ethics. The four modules include​:

  • Module 1: Professionalism—what does it mean for HR professionals?
  • Module 2: The challenges of being a Human Resource Professional—our duties as regulated professionals
  • Module 3: Tricky situations and how to handle them professionally—where the ethical integrity of HR professionals is most often tested
  • Module 4: HRPA’s Rules of Professional Conduct and how they apply in everyday situations

Participation in the Job Ready Program is mandatory for those wishing to qualify for the CHRP designation but it is not intended to be a hurdle. It is only required that you complete the program.

All registrants who write the knowledge exam (CHRP Knowledge Exam or CHRL Knowledge Exam) in June 2016 or later, will be required to participate and successfully complete the Job Ready Program. It will be offered online in a series of four modules, with a total of four hours of learning time, which includes the required readings found on the right-hand side of this page.

Prerequisite to the Job Ready Program

To be eligible to participate in the Job Ready Program, members must successfully pass the CHRP Employment Law Exam. The CHRL Employment Law Exam will also qualify as a prerequisite for the Job Ready Program; however the Job Ready Program is not a requirement of the CHRL.​​

Once a registrant has successfully passed the CHRP or CHRL Employment Law Exam, access to the Job Ready Program will be granted through the official Employment Law results.

Fees, Scoring and Exemptions​

There is no fee for the Job Ready Program and all members will receive a “pass” by completing the online program. There will be no exemptions to the Job Ready Program. In other words all registrants working toward the CHRP must complete the Job Ready Program.

Designation Granting

HRPA is automatically notified when you complete the Job Ready Program. Designations are granted in the order notifications are received. Please allow between 5 and 10 business days for a designation to be granted. An official granting letter is sent by email soon as the granting has been processed.

Please note that until you receive a granting letter, you are not permitted to use the CHRP designation.