HRPA 2020 Annual Meeting, gavel on podium

The Annual Meeting (AM) is one the most important events for members in the association’s calendar. Find out what we’ve accomplished on your behalf in the last twelve months; hear directly from the Chair, Board and CEO about plans for 2020 and beyond; and have your voice heard by voting on some very important proposals.

Sustainability Message:

Annual Meeting – webcast only in 2020

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and to support accessibility, HRPA 2020 Annual meeting is taking place as a webcast online only. In keeping with HRPA’s commitment to sustainability, we invite you to download these Annual Meeting documents for viewing on screen, rather than printing.

** Note: use IE browser for best results, other browsers may require downloading and viewing within the latest Adobe Reader software version​

  • Reading the minutes of the previous Annual Meeting and any subsequent general or special meetings;
  • Confirm, refer or reject any By-Law passed by the Board;
  • Receive the audited financial statements;
  • Appoint the auditor for the coming year;
  • Receive reports from the Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the Board on the activities of the Board and Association in the previous year;
  • Receive a report on the election of Directors;
  • Address any other matter as the Board determines may be properly brought before the meeting.