HRPA is pleased to present its Strategic Plan for 2022-2023.

This plan builds upon the strong foundation set forth in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, Inspiring Professionalism, that looked to modernize our strategy to reaffirm our vision, mission and values and establish a unified voice for our profession and our mandate as Ontario’s HR regulator.

Our new strategy builds on our previous direction in many ways, and includes a refresh of our mission, vision and values to more clearly highlight the critical nature of public protection and ethical principles in our work.

Knowing the importance of understanding the long-term direction of HR in Ontario and the need to ensure our strategy is oriented to the future, we also established a Vision of the Profession that considers plausible future scenarios for the work environment and regulated HR in Ontario in 2030-2040. A strategic foresight exercise was conducted by the HRPA Board and informed by academic studies and external research – such as the Brookfield Institute’s Yesterday’s Gone report on the future of Canada’s labour market – and functions as our “north star,” guiding our current strategies to a future state.

The Strategic Plan maintains the previous Strategic Themes of Regulatory Excellence, Service Leadership, Exemplary People Practices and Operational Effectiveness, with new Strategic Objectives that set a bold, yet realistic, pathway for the next two years.

In keeping with our principles of Respect, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Ethics, it is important that this strategic plan and our progress toward it are reported publicly. Please see HRPA’s new strategic plan and supporting information below.

Regulatory Excellence icon
Regulatory Excellence

Champion and elevate professionalism for the HR profession

Service Leadership icon
Service Leadership

Deliver quality services and resources to our network of Chapters, members, students and volunteers

Exemplary People Practices icon
Exemplary People Practices

Design and deploy modern, effective and progressive approaches to diverse and inclusive human capital management

Operational Effectivess icon
Operational Effectivess

Maintain financial and operational wellbeing that enables our member value proposition and manages risk


To learn more about some of the insights and analytics that informed our strategy development, download the key findings from our member surveys below.