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DateHostTitleType Price
May/28/2019Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 05.28.19 Employee Relations PNG - The Psychological Health and Safety StandardMeeting - Other 
May/29/2019BrockvilleBrockville and District: 05.29.19 Relieving Stress with HumourMeeting - DinnerFree
May/29/2019PeterboroughPeterborough: 05.29.19 Employment Law UpdateMeeting - DinnerFree
May/29/2019HamiltonHamilton: 05.29.19 Expert Insight into Landing a New Career OpportunityMeeting - Other 
May/30/2019OttawaOTTAWA 05.30.19 BREAKFAST How to Fire up Your Culture, Spark your Employees PassionMeeting - BreakfastSOLD OUT
May/30/2019GuelphGuelph and District: 05.30.19 PNG - The Psychological Health and Safety StandardMeeting - Other 
May/30/2019WindsorWindsor and District: 05.30.19 Annual Business Meeting + Influential Speaking for HRABMs 
May/30/2019TorontoToronto: 05.30.19 Executive Impact ForumMeeting - Dinner$80
Jun/04/2019TorontoToronto: 06.04.19 PD Breakfast Achieving Greater Productivity and Creativity with MindfulnessMeeting - Breakfast$30
Jun/04/2019Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 06.04.19 Recruitment PNG - Beyond Fairness and Pay EquityMeeting - Other 
Jun/04/2019HRPAHRPA's Quarterly Legal Updates 4Webcast$50
Jun/04/2019TorontoToronto: 06.04.19 Employment Networking Group (ENG)ENGsFree
Jun/04/2019SarniaSarnia: 06.04.19 SIMPLE Succession Planning WorkshopMeeting - Dinner 
Jun/05/2019BarrieBarrie: 06.05.19 Workplace Mentoring Programs, Co-ops and Internships Planning considerations for HRMeetingFree
Jun/06/2019HRPAHarassment Investigations: Where Employers Go WrongWebcast$20
Jun/06/2019QuinteQuinte and District 06.06.19 The Human Side of Cyber Security Meeting - DinnerFree
Jun/06/2019AlgomaAlgoma: 06.06.19 Social - Locked Up Room and AppetizersSocial Events 
Jun/07/2019DurhamDurham: 06.07.2019 Employment and Labour Law UpdateConference$150.00 M I $200 Non Member
Jun/10/2019Grey BruceGrey Bruce: 06.10.19 Pay for PerformanceMeeting - BreakfastFree
Jun/11/2019Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 06.11.19 Stratford PNG - Cannabis in the Workplace Part 2Meeting - Other 
Jun/11/2019HRPAConflict Resolution: Difficult ConversationsWorkshop$495
Jun/11/2019TorontoToronto: 06.11.19 Executive Impact: Innovation Think Tank: Reengineering the Target Operation Model For A Finance Function, Shared Services and Business IntelligenceMeeting - Lunch25
Jun/11/2019KingstonKingston and District: 06.11.19 Dealing with Difficult PeopleMeeting - DinnerFree
Jun/12/2019HRPAComprehensive Project Management CertificateCertificate$1500
Jun/12/2019HRPAPsychometric Assessments in Human ResourcesWorkshop$395
Jun/12/2019HamiltonHamilton: 06.12.19 Social - Culinary Whistle StopSocial Events 
Jun/12/2019PeelPeel: 06.12.19 CDNG: Mastering the Mental GameENGsFree
Jun/13/2019York RegionYork: 06.13.19 Full Day | Annual Leadership Summit and Exhibitor ShowcaseConferenceMembers: $125 | Non-members: $225
Jun/13/2019HRPAStrategic Planning for HR Professionals: What Do I Need to Know?Workshop$495
Jun/13/2019BarrieBarrie: 06.13.19 Beyond Fairness and Pay Equity - How Compensation Drives Performance Meeting - Dinner$25


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