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DateHostTitleType Price
Mar/21/2019AlgomaAlgoma: 03.21.19 Preventing High Performers from Burning OutMeeting - Dinner 
Mar/21/2019DurhamDurham: 03.21.2019 Volunteer Open HouseMeetingFree
Mar/22/2019Chatham-KentChatham-Kent: 03.22.19 The Resilient Mind: How HR Professionals can Build Mental/Emotional ToughnessMeeting - Breakfast 
Mar/22/2019HaltonHalton: 03.22.19 Employment Networking Event ENGsFree
Mar/26/2019Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 03.26.19 Employee Relations PNG - Supporting Employees through ChangeMeeting - Other 
Mar/26/2019HRPAManaging Mental Health in the WorkplaceWorkshop$495
Mar/26/2019HRPAThe Osgoode Certificate in HR Law for HR ProfessionalsCertificate$4,295
Mar/26/2019WindsorWindsor and District: 03.26.19 Become a Sought-Out Trusted Strategic AdvisorMeeting - Dinner 
Mar/26/2019TorontoToronto: 03.26.19 PDX Workplace of the Future - How The Nature of Work is ChangingMeeting$15
Mar/26/2019DurhamDurham: 03.26.2019 Career Transition Network GroupENGsFree
Mar/27/2019DurhamDurham: 03.27.19 Breakfast Series - Mental Health and Wellness in the WorkplaceMeeting - Breakfast$25
Mar/27/2019LondonLondon: 03.27.19 Resume Building WorkshopMeeting - Other 
Mar/27/2019NiagaraNiagara: 03.27.19 Mentorship Program Touch Base/NetworkingMentoring 
Mar/27/2019OttawaOttawa: 03.27.19 Capital HR IdeasMeeting$25 members l $40 non-members
Mar/27/2019PeelPeel: 03.27.19 Win Win Negotiation and Conflict Resolution for HR ProfessionalsMeeting - DinnerFree
Mar/27/2019PeterboroughPeterborough: 03.27.19 AI and HR Meeting - Dinner$25
Mar/28/2019NorthwesternNorthwestern Ontario: 03.28.19 Accommodation (Transgender, Mental Health and Family Status)Meeting - Breakfast 
Mar/28/2019HRPAAmerican employment law for Canadian HR professionalsSeminar$395
Mar/28/2019GuelphGuelph and District: 03.28.19 PNG - Effective Workplace InvestigationsMeeting - Other 
Mar/28/2019QuinteQuinte and District: 03.28.19 The Right to Disconnect Meeting - DinnerFree
Apr/01/2019TorontoToronto: 04.01.19 Employment Networking Group (ENG) – What Recruiters Really WantENGsFree
Apr/02/2019Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 04.02.19 Recruitment PNG - The Employer Value Proposition UnpackedMeeting - Other 
Apr/02/2019HRPACanadian Benefits Program CertificateCertificate$1500
Apr/02/2019GuelphGuelph and District: 04.02.19 PNG - How To Compete for Talent Online (and WIN)Meeting - Other 
Apr/02/2019HRPAKnowing Your Rights: Managing Employees with Illnesses or WSIB Injuries and Navigating Through the Accommodation ProcessSeminar$395
Apr/02/2019Cornwall and DistrictCornwall and District: 04.02.19 Legal Dine AroundMeeting - DinnerFree
Apr/02/2019SarniaSarnia and District: 04.02.19 Annual Business MeetingABMs 
Apr/04/2019HRPAWeed in the Workplace: The HR Professional’s Guide To Managing Risks Under the New Cannabis RegimeWorkshop$595
Apr/04/2019HRPAComputer use and social media policiesWebcast$20
Apr/04/2019KingstonKingston: 04.04.19 How to Make Mediation Work Meeting - DinnerFree


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