On-Demand Webcast: Dealing With Privacy in the New Workplace

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Starts:06/21/2012 12:00 AM

Ends:06/21/2062 12:00 AM

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The modern workplace has a delicate balance between the privacy of employees and the right of the employer to oversee its workplace. New technologies and other factors can tip it one direction or another. Make sure your organization is finding the right balance.

<  Statutory and Common Law Overview of Workplace Privacy

<  Provincial v. Federal —  PIPEDA and Other Statutes

<  Common Law and The Right To Privacy

<  Do you have the right policy?

<  Workplace Policies, Surveillance and the Expectation of Privacy

<  Workplace Policies: Computer/Internet Use and how to deal with privacy issues

<  Monitoring Usage:  Limitations and Employees vs. Employer Rights

<  Detection and Investigation

<  R. v. Cole and review of case law

<  Social Media Background Checks and Conduct

<  Types of Background Checks – What can an employer check?

<  Privacy Concerns – Collection of Personal Information and Human Rights Concerns:

<  What to do with what you know

<  On- and Off-Duty Conduct — Is Privacy An Issue?

<  Case Update: Tort of Intrusion Upon Seclusion – Jones v. Tsige

<  Background Facts

<  Ontario Court of Appeal: Intrusion Upon Seclusion

<  What It Means and How to Assess Damages

<  Practical Advice: How To “Manage” to Stay Out Of Trouble

Speaker bio(s)

Main Speaker: Mr. Lorenzo Lisi

Mr. Lorenzo Lisi, Partner

Co-Speaker: Jennifer Heath

Jennifer Heath

Jennifer Heath practices commercial litigation with a focus on labour and employment law. She is a member of The Advocates’ Society, the Toronto Lawyers’ Association, and Young Women in Law.

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