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Free software to send real-time recognition gifts for extra effort, milestones or hitting targets

  • Improve Morale & Satisfaction by using valued recognition 
  • Increase Productivity by providing immediate recognition
  • Reduce Costly Turnover by building a culture of recognition

We have really enjoyed this new program
"Having Guusto gift cards as a rewards option has presented such a wonderful opportunity for our organization and for our employees. Guusto provides us with an efficient platform to send our associates a financial reward so that they are able to purchase merchandise or spend their gift card value on a fun experience such as going to see a movie or going out for a nice dinner. It has also given us another channel for sending our associates recognition for their outstanding personal achievements. We have really enjoyed this new program and it has definitely helped to motivate and drive results." 

- Tina Do
Executive Assistant to VP, Harry Rosen

​Makes Employee Gift Giving Easy


Simplifies management


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​Get started in seconds

No complex setup or employee training required, and no running out to buy gift cards.

Lots of sending options

Deliver gifts through Guusto, your own email, your mail merge program, or print.

Track everything

Who buys, reasons, who claims and when, where redeemed, and expense reports.

Unclaimed items refunded

Allows you to reallocate 10-20% of funds spent for gifts to new recipients.

Peer-to-peer gifting

Mandate that a gift be paid forward (passed to a colleague).

Powerful team accounts

Empower managers or employees with budgets to send gifts, and have full visibility into how they spend

Super flexible

Recipient gets to choose where to redeem from 10,000+ locations.

Easy redemption

Use phone or print it out (no app required), and they'll never lose it.

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