Issues Affecting the HR Profession is a collection of publicly available, free, and up-to-date resources on a wide variety of topics that are relevant to HR professionals. These resources include information about employment legislation, government resources, and links to websites with useful materials on many common HR issues.

Diversity & Inclusion

HRPA & Diversio

Key Insights on Diversity & Inclusion: A Joint HRPA and Diversio Report
Inclusive Hiring Best Practices
Standard Code of Conduct
Zero Tolerance Policy
Unconscious Bias: Eliminating Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and other Discrimination
Leadership Allyship Training


Ontario Human Rights Commission

Policy and Guidelines on Racism and Racial Discrimination
Workplace Policies, Practices and Decision-Making Processes and Systemic Discrimination
Call it Out: Racism, Racial Discrimination and Human Rights
A policy primer: Guide to developing human rights policies and procedures
Policy on ableism and discrimination based on disability
Human Rights at Work 2008- More about disability-related accommodation
Policy on preventing discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression
Questions and answers about gender identity and pronouns
Count me in! Collecting human rights-based data


Additional Resources Supporting Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion – Toolkits and Resources
Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion – Research Reports 
Deloitte – The Diversity and Inclusion Revolution
CIPD – Building Inclusive Workplaces
HR Exchange Network – Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Statistics Canada – Gender Diversity and Inclusion Statistics
Transgender Law Centre – Model Transgender Employment Policy
University of Washington- D.E.I. Checklist for interviewing/hiring committees

Indigenous Inclusion in the Workplace

Indigenous Awareness Canada e-Learning
Indigenous Works
Indigenous Awareness Canada

Working Remotely

Governmental Resources

The links below provide information and resources from both the Government of Ontario partner organizations and the Federal government. You will also find important links for contacting key government offices and the Law Society Referral Service

HRPA eLearning and On Demand Resources

For a wide variety of on demand resources, visit HRPA’s collection of eLearning and On demand programming, and browse our Calendar of Events for upcoming professional development opportunities.

The resources on this page are intended for general information purposes only and are not to be taken as legal advice or endorsement by HRPA. While we make every effort to keep these resources updated, resources supplied by third parties may change and HRPA cannot guarantee that the links on this page reflect the latest information available, nor can we guarantee the accuracy of information provided by third parties.

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