Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing your Validation of Experience application for submission.

  • Review the following to ensure you have all information regarding the Validation of Experience (you’ll find links to all of them on the Validation of Experience page):
  • If more space is required, use a separate sheet of paper
  • Spell out any business or organizational acronyms
  • Have another person review your application and ask them to describe your jobs back to you, if any important details are left out, be sure to add them to your application (remember, the committee doesn’t know you)
  • Be sure you have included all required documents for submission (employer documents are preferred but if they are not available, you must create your own):
    • Chronological resume
    • Job description for each position you are submitting for review
    • Organizational chart for each position you are submitting for review
  • Other documents that would support your application, such as a letter from your employer, may also be submitted

Helpful tips provided by successful applicants

Keep your resume up to date and make sure you have access to the required documents if you leave a job so you don’t have to go searching for them after the fact. Go for it, be confident in your experience and don’t leave anything out.

Amanda D’Aloisio, CHRL

The application process took me approximately 1.5 hours to complete. I watched the webinar and found it helpful.

 Amber Neville, CHRL

The hardest part was collecting the core documents to support the application (it took me a couple of hours to collect the core information); the form itself was relatively straight forward.  The HRPA staff were extremely helpful and timely assisting me ….

Justin Brown, CHRL

I spent about 11 hours to complete my VOE application…. the process is very easy to follow. Read the Guide to VOE carefully, prepare the necessary documents in advance, and before submitting the application, talk to your referee about your application. 

Ke Jia Xue, CHRL