At the HRPA, we have four core values that our staff and volunteers hold paramount, Respect, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability.  Over the last few weeks, we have witnessed escalated levels of protest in the United States not seen since the civil rights movement in the 1960’s.  In Canada, voices have been raised in solidarity with our American neighbours, while also raising awareness about racial inequities here.  As we watch what is happening, our core value of integrity is needed now more than ever.  This value states that we can be trusted and relied upon to do what we say we will do and act with honesty, professionalism, and a commitment to do the right thing.

The right thing to do is to speak out against racism, inequality, and limited access to justice and to do something about it. To truly demonstrate diversity and inclusion, HR professionals strengthen organizations and make businesses more resilient when their work force reflects the unique and diverse composition of the communities they serve. But we recognize that more work can be done, and believe that our members are constant learners and innovators who strive to ensure that the organizations they work for are equitable for all.

We encourage members to join our new online community forum on solutions and best practices in dealing with inequality and inclusion in the workplace. For the next six-weeks, HRPA would like to invite thought leaders and HR insiders to provide their perspectives about the best practices across all areas of HR that reduce bias, eliminate discriminatory practices and elevate equality.

HR professionals are more than their sum. They help shape and implement policies and procedures that promote inclusion and champion diversity to protect employees, foster respect for their organizations, and strengthen society. Simply put our members inspire professionalism when they enhance diversity and inclusion and strive to eliminate discrimination and exclusion in people practices.

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