By: Louise Taylor Green, CEO, Human Resources Professional Association

Today, the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) takes an important first step.

The step is about the future; it’s about the potential of the HR profession; and it’s about the critical role that the HRPA will play.

We’re aiming high and taking absolutely nothing for granted.

HRPA members are experts at implementing modern people practices at the pace of, and in response to, the dynamic forces facing workplaces.

Today, leaders turn to HR professionals to guide them through what is most pressing:

  • The pandemic response;
  • Addressing issues of systemic racism;
  • Enhancing programs that bolster equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Accelerating change adoption while implementing remote work and other organizational change;
  • Attending to physical and mental well-being at work;
  • Implementing talent programs that retain the best and brightest people; and
  • Upgrading skills and capabilities through learning and development that prepares workers and workplaces to thrive.

All of these actions underscore the value and impact of the HR profession.

Regulated HR Professionals are trusted by both employees and employers because they know how to navigate and plan for the increasing complexity of the new world of work.

They practice the highest standard of HR and are governed by our Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Regulated HR Professionals are competent, ethical and professional.

Ontario business is just beginning to tap the potential of what HR Professionals can do for their bottom-line and culture, for growth and talent.

Before we get to today’s announcement, let’s first quickly look back at what allowed for this moment…..

Two years ago, the HRPA team shifted our energies to take stock of where we were, what we had accomplished, and most importantly, where we wanted to go.

When we paused, there was a long trail of success and achievement to make our members, Ontario business, and our maturing profession proud.

We had done well. But our eyes were to the future. Our eyes were to this moment and this step.

We were driven to increase our impact and to elevate the respect for the HR Profession.

We asked ourselves:

  • Imagine if all workplaces were transformed into high-performing organizations with healthy, strong cultures?
  • Imagine if all HR Professionals were performing HR to the full scope of practice in order to improve the performance of Ontario businesses?
  • Imagine if the general public increased their trust in regulated HR Professionals as competent, ethical and professional?

This is what we want to achieve. We no longer want to ‘Imagine’ – we want to raise the floor for the entire HR profession so that we can reach new heights.

With this foundation, HRPA and the Board of Directors designed a strategic plan for 2019-2021, themed ‘Inspiring Professionalism’. Taking stock allowed us to see clearly the value and impact of regulated HR Professionals.

The plan mapped how we would invest in raising professional standards and ensuring our broad audiences adopted and acted upon the highest levels of HR practice.

But talking stock also requires looking at the gaps and misses – where we needed to dig deeper.

In work, as in life, this is a critically vital, though difficult, exercise.

We discovered that our core audiences – those who mattered most to us – did not fully understand who we were or why we did what we do. What’s more, we weren’t consistent about how we explained it ourselves.

This was our opportunity and the subject of today’s big step.

HRPA is a Regulatory Association made up of over 24,000 members and students. We serve the public, our members, students and Ontario business.  We are the regulator for the HR Profession in Ontario. We have a flourishing network of 26 Chapters. We set the standards for HR professionalism and protect the public by ensuring that the HR Professionals they interact with can be relied on for excellence in HR practice.

It’s a lot. And for some, it was confusing.

It was of critical and immediate importance that we answered the question ‘Why did the HRPA exist?’ in clear and transformative language.

Fast forward to today.

Today, we take an important first step, fully conscious and ready to articulate why we do what we do.

Today is the big reveal moment when we can share the branding journey we’ve been on.  This is not about a new logo or new colour palette. Though both are fantastic.

This is about a journey we all start today. And it requires us all. To take the time to understand the brand, ask questions about our purpose and our value to our stakeholders, and then ensure that everything we do serves to meet the spirit of what we stand for, together.

From this moment forward, we will be able to share why we exist.

HR is no longer a back-office function.  HR is driving organizational transformation and culture.  We want business and society to know and believe in our value.

Moving forward we will be Ambitious. Bold. Strategic. Inspiring. These are the four characteristics of HRPA’s brand promise. In all that we do, we will seek to meet the spirit of these four attributes.

Our audience includes all those the HRPA seeks to serve. Some of us may serve one, some, or all of these in our day-to-day work. But know that whether we work with HR Professionals, CEOs and Business Leaders, Colleges + Universities, the General Public, Students, or the levels of Governments, all are served with the same passion and professionalism.

How do we bring this broad and diverse group of people and organizations together? We must identify the one thing we all care about and believe.

In a single statement, we exist because:

Better HR Makes Business Better

This is our rallying cry and the answer to why we exist.

We believe well-run businesses are essential to a thriving society. To ensure our corporate world is operating at its highest capacity, we need leaders who act as champions for positive change.

That’s why the HRPA exists — to ensure HR Professionals have the most up-to-date tools and the advanced skills to lead our workplaces into the future. HRPA members are held to the province’s highest standards, so Ontario workplaces can trust us to help unlock business growth and optimize employee potential. Only HRPA members lead and shape the highest-performing workforces, setting them up to handle whatever challenges come their way. Because the HRPA means better HR.

In everything we do, HRPA will ensure the highest of standards are set and met and our members are armed with the latest and best tools, because: Better HR Makes Business Better.

With this foundation, and on behalf of all of those who worked incredibly hard to masterfully bring us to this moment, I am honoured to reveal our new HRPA brand identity:

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA)

It is ambitious, bold, strategic, and inspiring. It captures our essence and differentiates our past learnings from our future potential.

Thank you for taking this step with us, and I look forward to going on this journey with you all.