It is with a saddened heart that I write this on behalf of the Human Resources Professional Association. It pains me that we have to engage in such communications about suffering, hate and violence here in our communities and around the world. That said, it is so important that we do in fact acknowledge what is going on around us because it affects us as individuals, as Canadians and as Human Resources professionals.

Last Sunday, a hideous hate crime took place in London, Ontario, where authorities believe a peaceful family walk turned into a deliberate anti-Islamic hate crime. A family of five was targeted by an intentional act of violence and hate. Four innocent human beings have been killed and one is in hospital.

Anti-Islamic racism or “Islamophobia” is real and many faithful Muslims live in fear daily. In today’s Globe and Mail, a quote was provided from the Canadian Security & Intelligence Agency (CSIS) “Since 2014, Canadians motivated in whole or in part by their extremist ideological views have killed 21 people and wounded 40 others on Canadian soil.” 

We celebrate our diversity in Canada but until all persons are treated equally, accepted and embraced for their uniqueness, and have the ability to live safely, securely and without fear, then none of us can rest in the delusion of being truly safe. Hate breeds hate and we have to stamp it out together by standing up for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

To our Muslim HRPA members and the broader community, we all join together in sending you our condolences and compassion for the weight that this and other acts of hate place on you and your community. 

I long for the day when these types of communications are about celebrating what is right in our world instead of attending to our grief, sadness and anguish. Wishing you all peace in these troubling times.


Louise Taylor Green