Board and Board Committees

As a Board Director of HRPA you are serving the public of Ontario by sharing your knowledge and insight of the HR Profession for the greater good of society.

Serving on HRPA’s Board provides experiential opportunities. Board service allows you to apply skills you’ve acquired through the span of your career to advance the profession. HRPA has three board committees, comprised of Directors; our Audit and Finance; Governance and Nominating; and Human Resources and Compensation. With additional positions available when special tasks forces are struck i.e. strategic planning, chapter relations and election processes. After you serve your first year you may be invited to stand as vice chair or chair of the committee.

As a Board Director you’ll have enhanced networking opportunities with other leaders and influencers in the HR Profession and in the Regulatory Community, in addition to building social networks with your peers on the Board.

Giving back to the profession you care deeply about is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience. You’ll be shaping the future of the Association and the Profession. Your commitment and stewardship will be evidenced by your careful decision making at the Board table and will chart the direction for HRPA.

The Audit & Finance Committee (AFC) is a Committee of the Board.  The AFC’s mandate is to monitor financial reporting and disclosure, ensure appropriate financial and investment management, ensure that the appropriate indemnification coverage is in place for Board Members and Officers, and ensure the appointment and effective functioning of the Auditor in relation to accounting records and financial matters of the Association.  The AFC has no sub-committees.

The purpose of the Governance and Nominating Committee (GNC) is to maximize regulatory oversight and Board effectiveness through the development and maintenance of appropriate principles and practices related to governance and regulatory oversight.

The Human Resources & Compensation Committee (HRCC) is responsible to the Board in fulfilling its overall responsibilities regarding the following:

  • The selection, retention, compensation, performance assessment and succession planning for the position of CEO;
  • Ensuring that the HRPA has positive and progressive human resource practices in place as befitting its role as professional regulator;
  • Monitoring organizational risks related to people and people-related practices;
  • Approval of the annual staff and executive compensation budget

Statutory Committees

The Capacity Committee shall hear every matter referred to it by the Association under Section 47 of the Act to determine whether a registrant is incapacitated, and if the Committee finds a registrant is incapacitated, to exercise any of the powers granted to it under Subsection 47(8) of the Act.

The Complaints Committee shall review every complaint referred to it under Section 31 of the Act regarding the conduct of a member, student or firm registered with the Association and, if the complaint contains information suggesting that the member, student or firm may be guilty of professional misconduct as defined in the by-laws, the committee shall investigate the matter. Following the investigation of a complaint, the complaints committee may direct that the matter be referred, in whole or in part, to the discipline committee; direct that the matter not be referred to the discipline committee; negotiate a settlement agreement between the Association and the member, student or firm and refer the agreement to the discipline committee for approval; or take any action that it considers appropriate in the circumstances and that is not inconsistent with the Act or the by-laws, including cautioning or admonishing the member, student or firm.

The Discipline Committee shall hear every matter referred to it by the Complaints Committee under Section 34 of the Act to determine whether the member, student or firm is guilty of professional misconduct as defined in the by-laws and if the Committee finds a member, student or firm guilty of professional misconduct, to exercise any of the powers granted to it under Subsection 34(4) of the Act.

The Appeal Committee shall review every appeal filed under the Act and the By-laws by registrants of HRPA or members of the public to determine whether there was a denial of natural justice or an error on the record of the decision of the committee or the Registrar and to exercise any of the powers granted to it under the Act and Section 21.10 of the By-laws.

The Review Committee shall review every matter referred to it by the Registrar under Section 40 of the Act to determine whether the member or firm’s bankruptcy or insolvency event may pose a risk of harm to any person; to direct the Registrar to investigate the matter; to determine whether a hearing is warranted; to conduct hearings when warranted to determine whether the member or firm’s bankruptcy or insolvency event poses a risk of harm to any person; and upon a determination that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the member or firm’s bankruptcy or insolvency event poses or may pose a risk of harm to any person following a hearing, to exercise any of the powers granted to it under Subsection 41(8) of the Act.

Standing & Regulatory Committees

Below is a list of our standing & regulatory committees. For more information on each of these committees, please see the HRPA committee bylaws here.

Academic Standards Committees

HRPA Awards Judges Panel

Board Nominations Committee

CHRE Review Committee

CHRL Exam Validation Committee

CHRP Exam Validation Committee

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee

Experience Assessment Committee 

Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

Registration Committee

Public Advisory Forum

Ad Hoc Committees, Special Task Forces or Groups of Volunteers

The HRPA Board and/or CEO may establish an ad hoc committee, task force or working group when required.

Annual Conference

The committee is an advisory committee for developing the conference content and on-site volunteer assistance. 

Focus Groups

The Association occasionally reaches out to members, students and the public to participate in special focus groups. Topics range from determining future professional development to consultations on future designation changes and exams.


Chapter Boards (Chapter Leadership Positions)

Through its thriving network of Chapters across Ontario, members and students experience outstanding professional networking, mentorship and professional development. Members select the local community of HR professionals they wish to network, learn and grow with, and champion professionalism together in HR in their local communities. Chapters are the crucial link between HRPA’s vision and our members. Together, HRPA and Chapters are striving to see HR flourishing as a valued profession in Ontario. By providing a forum for members to exchange knowledge and ideas and by mentoring students and early career practitioners, our Chapters play an important role in cultivating a pipeline of highly prepared and inspired talent in the field of human resources. Chapter leaders and members are pivotal ambassadors of our profession.

Chapter Committee Volunteers

Each Chapter may recruit volunteers and establish committees or ad hoc groups to achieve the Chapter mandate.

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