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Calendar Results

DateHostTitleType Price
Jun/19/2018KingstonKingston and District: 06.19.18 The Frog Factor: The Secret to Attracting and Retaining TalentMeeting - BreakfastFree
Jun/19/2018PeelPeel: 06.19.18 Programs Breakfast: Concrete Steps to Inclusivity Meeting - Breakfast$30
Jun/19/2018Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 06.19.18 Negotiation and InfluencingMeeting - Breakfast$20
Jun/19/2018HRPAConflict Resolution: Difficult ConversationsWorkshop$495
Jun/19/2018BarrieBarrie: 06.19.18 Personalized Management Coaching Meeting - Dinner$25
Jun/20/2018HamiltonHamilton: 06.20.18 Networking EventMeeting - DinnerFree
Jun/20/2018LondonLondon: 06.20.18 Bosco and Roxy's Tour plus Networking Social Meeting - Other$25
Jun/21/2018Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 06.21.18 Health and Safety PNG - Cannabis in the WorkplaceMeeting - OtherFree
Jun/21/2018HRPAEmployee Drug Benefits: A Closer Look at Drug Growth Trends in the Canadian Employer Sponsored Benefits Market WebcastFree
Jun/21/2018TorontoToronto: 06.21.18 2018 Summer Social: Meet the Future MeetingFree
Jun/25/2018AlgomaAlgoma 06.25.18 Annual Business Meeting Free
Jun/26/2018HRPAPsychometric Assessments in Human ResourcesWorkshop$395
Jun/26/2018HRPABest Practices for Firing Protect Your Business and Avoid Legal PitfallsWebcast$195
Jun/27/2018HRPAManaging Religious Accommodations in the WorkplaceWebcast$50
Jun/28/2018HRPAReinventing RetirementSeminar$200
Jun/29/2018HRPAExecutive Webcast: The Neuroscience of Breaking Unconscious Bias and Improving Diversity & InclusionWebcastFree
Jul/03/2018TorontoToronto: 07.03.18 2018 HRPA Toronto LegalEase ConferenceConference$100
Jul/09/2018HRPAComprehensive Project Management CertificateCertificate$1500
Jul/10/2018HRPAWorkplace Investigations Training and Certificate Program- TorontoCertificate$1500
Jul/12/2018HRPAPD in the Park: Assessing Employee and Overall Workplace HealthSeminar$20
Jul/17/2018HRPAInfluence Strategies for Powerful ResultsWorkshop$395
Jul/20/2018HRPAExecutive Webcast: No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big ResultsWebcastFree
Jul/24/2018HRPAWorking with Purpose: Applying Neuroscience to Solve Workplace IssuesSeminar$95
Jul/24/2018HRPALeadership in the Time of #MeToo - Summer 2018 Executive SeriesExecutive Programs$100
Jul/25/2018HRPABattle of the Colleagues: How to Manage Conflicts Between EmployeesWebcast$50
Jul/25/2018HRPADispute Resolution for Workplace HarassmentSeminar$25
Jul/26/2018HRPAPD in the Park: Stress & Mental Health in the WorkplaceSeminar$20
Aug/08/2018HRPAThe law of constructive dismissalWebcast$50
Aug/09/2018HRPAPD in the Park: Getting Results Without AuthoritySeminar$20
Aug/14/2018HRPALegalized Cannabis: Workplace TrainingSeminar$395


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