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DateHostTitleType Price
Sep/20/2017HRPAExecutive Panel Discussion:A Seat at the Table: Financial Literacy as a Strategic HR ToolExecutive ProgramsFree
Sep/20/2017BrockvilleBrockville: 09.20.17 HRPA: What's in it for Me?Meeting - LunchFree
Sep/20/2017HamiltonHamilton: 09.20.17 WEBINAR: Engage Employees (Let The Courtship Begin)WebcastFree
Sep/20/2017HRPAThe Ties That Bind: A Primer on Restrictive CovenantsWebcast$50
Sep/20/2017PeelPeel: 09.20.17 CDNG: Bill 148 - Information SessionMeetingFree
Sep/21/2017HRPAAn Employer’s Guide to the Occupational Health and Safety ActWebcast$50
Sep/21/2017LondonLondon: 09.21.17 Recognize, Reward and Engage your Multi-Generational WorkforceMeeting - Dinner$40
Sep/21/2017NiagaraNiagara 09.21.17 Critical ConversationsMeeting - DinnerFree
Sep/21/2017SarniaSarnia and District: 09.21.17 High Performance in the Death ZoneMeeting - DinnerFree
Sep/21/2017DurhamDurham: 09.21.17 Mental Health First Aid CertificateCertificate$200
Sep/21/2017HRPALive Webcast: CKE 1 and CKE 2 Exam Prep (Fall 2017) Session 6 - HR Metrics, Reporting and Financial Management – September 21, 2017Webcast 
Sep/22/2017HRPAExecutive Webcast: Evidence-based practice in HR: What is it? How do you do it – and why should you?Executive Programs$50
Sep/25/2017HRPAEarly Career: Get Hired: Cover Letter and Resume Writing WorkshopWorkshopFree
Sep/26/2017TorontoToronto: 09.26.17 Workplace Violence and HarassmentMeeting - Breakfast$30
Sep/26/2017HRPAMyers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®): Using Personality Type to Understand Self, Succeed With OthersWorkshop$495
Sep/26/2017HRPATaking the Workplace Bully by the HornsWebcast$50
Sep/26/2017HRPALive Webcast: CKE 1 and CKE 2 Exam Prep (Fall 2017) Session 7 - Review - September 26, 2017Webcast 
Sep/27/2017NiagaraNiagara 09.27.17 Senior HR Leadership BreakfastMeeting - BreakfastFree
Sep/27/2017Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 09.27.17 Health and Safety PNG - Promoting a Psychologically Safe WorkplaceMeetingFree
Sep/27/2017HRPAPay Equity CertificateCertificate$995
Sep/27/2017HRPAA New Direction in Employee Health Benefits: The Sanofi Canada 2017 HealthCare SurveyWebcastFree
Sep/27/2017North BayNorth Bay: 09.27.17 Indigenizing Your HR PracticeMeetingFree
Sep/27/2017PeterboroughPeterborough: 09.27.17 You Can't Be Serious! Why Science Wants Us to Lighten Up!Meeting - DinnerFree
Sep/27/2017WindsorWindsor and District: 09.27.17 Everyone is a Leader: Uncovering Agile LeadershipMeeting - DinnerFree
Sep/28/2017NorthwesternNorthwestern Ontario 09.28.17 Wellness – Resiliency in Difficult TimesMeeting - BreakfastMembers: $20
Sep/28/2017HRPATimmins: Human Resource Management in the Unionized Environment – Bringing Your Labour Relations Practice into the FutureSeminar$395
Sep/28/2017OttawaOttawa: 09.28.17 Algonquin HR Students: Step Into Your New CareerPanel DiscussionFree
Sep/28/2017HRPALive Webcast: CKE 1 and CKE 2 Exam Prep (Fall 2017) Session 8 - Mock Examination - September 28, 2017Webcast 
Sep/28/2017PeelPeel: 09.28.17 Fall SocialMeetingFree
Oct/03/2017Grand ValleyGrand Valley: 10.03.17 Recruitment PNG - How to Align Social Media Business Strategies for SuccessMeetingFree


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