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​With growing demand from employees, clients, investors, and regulators, Diversity & Inclusion has emerged as a top priority for Canadian organizations in 2019. The HRPA is committed to empowering its members to achieve their Diversity & Inclusion goals through new and impactful technology.

HRPA is partnering with Diversio to bring sophisticated Diversity & Inclusion analytics, solutions and benchmarking to its 24,000 members. Through this partnership HRPA members will receive:

  1. Unique data-driven insights and benchmarks on the state of diversity & inclusion in the HR profession
  2. Discounted access to the Diversio Dashboard and other custom technlogies 
  3. Premium Diversio Diversity & Inclusion training offered as a special HRPA Professional Development Program

Phase 1 of the partnership will bring you innovative insights and analytics from the HRPA & Diversio survey, launched on March 4th. The results of the survey will fuel the key programming, resources and other member benefits HRPA & Diversio will release throughout 2020.

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 HRPA & Diversio are Launching an Inclusion Initiative


Assessing diverse representation within HR profession (including gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, Indigenous peoples, and persons with disability).


Measuring levels of inclusion within HR profession, with key pain points by demographic group.


Identifying most common Diversity & Inclusion programming and policies among members, including gaps and high-level recommendations.

Why Choose Diversio


Apply data analytics and metrics to Diversity & Inclusion in your workplace.


Get certified and demonstrate your commitment to employees, customers, and investors.


Create a customized Action Plan to drive measurable progress and fulfill reporting requirements.

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